Fine tunning the Corsair ?

  • Well,

    as my other flightsim in IL 2 Battle of Stalingrad / Moscow / Kuban, and I am there not because I like playing war games but rather because I like well modelled aircraft, specially powerful prop aircraft like those fighters from ww2, and since the Corsair is a well known and infamous exemplar of the tricky prop effects for those in control of such a powerful engine, I would really like to see those features better reproduced in AEFS2's model of the F4-U

    .) Torque effects are mild, the slipstream too. Even in landing configuration, crossing the fence and about to flare, or even already while flaring, I can firewall the throttle and recover, without having to worry about getting g flipped upside down by the mighty power of the torque from such an engine, at such an AoA... This doesn't feel right to me at all... What could we do, by configuration file editing, about it ?

    .) Prop governor responds instantaneously to prop rpm adjustments. There is no lag at all, both in the F4-U and in the P-38. I would like to see some "inertia" in the response to power changes in as far as prop pitch adjustment and associated RPM gauge variation go...

    Any insight on where and how to chose what to edit ? A tutorial based on this "case study" would be great :)

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  • The torque effects can be adjusted in the tmd file of the corsair. Change the propwash rotation values for example

    Do you maybe mean the inertia when you go from idle to full power on the ground? The actual inertia of the prop spinning up and the engine coming up to its revolutions? Once the governor kicks in the rpm shouldn't really change at all, only if it hits the full fine limit, then the RPM should start to drop at idle power... The governor's target speed could be made slower, then you'd have a slower response when you pull the lever. However the governor itself has to operate very quickly, otherwise you'd get into overspeed conditions if you applied power to quickly, then all the constant speed governing fails.


  • Jan,

    thx for your suggestions. I did already play with some of those parameters, but further tests are required...

    Regarding the prop rpm gauge response, I was referring to the instantaneous response to the RPM lever adjustments in terms of the indicated prop RPM. It's perfectly in sync, on both ww2 aircraft. I believe their should be some lag, after all just like in the other prop aircraft like the Baron 58, even the Extra and the Pitts.

    I believe this must be related to the "[PitchControl][Governor.Output]" configuration, but there is no specific info on these parameters in the Wiki at presente date.

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  • The Corsair as it is currently is very much a cartoon version of what a ww2 warbird flies like. Torque effects should be significant with the corsair, as should the tip stall and wing drop which also seems to be absent. I suggest playing with some of the DCS warbirds to get a feel for what a warbird is actually like, the free TF51 is a good example.

    Once its slightly more realistic I shall endeavor to get my dad in the sim at some point to give some feedback on it. He has flown the Corsair quite a lot on the display circuit over the years.


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  • CavendishD,

    thank you for your suggestion. Actually I played DCS for a long while ( started in 2005 I believe.. with it's predecessor and jcomm is also at the ED forums if you search.. ), more "seriously" with the release of the p51d in 2012. Latter I was also offered a license for IL.2 Battle of Stalingrad, and I ended up playing those two sims more thanany other civil simulators, not because I like Air Combat ( even less War ) but because I couldn't find the same quality of flight dynamics modeliing in the other flightsims...

    Eventually, through a scrutiny process, I ended up staying with IL2 Battle of Stalingrad / Moscow / Kuban, again not because of the purpose of the game, but rather because I still think it provides the best flight and overall physics modeling among all sims I have used for more than 25 yrs..., also with some help from my RL experience as a pilot for more than 36 yrs ...

    My biggest hope is that AEFS2 can drag me away from combat simming where I really do not at all "feel at home".

    To start with, it already provides what appears to be a sound and powerful approach to physics modeling of flight... The future updates and releases will certainly turn it progressively into an even better platform.

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