• Been trying out AF2 on the iPad Pro 10.5 and it is a great experience, the loading times are so quick, everything is running buttery smooth and the increase in screen size is noticeable. It would be great if the mobile version continued to take advantage of this power.

  • Hi Donka, I'm reading that there might not be a mini update in the future. So no pro equivalent power mini! I am an iPad in my pocket fan so the recent model line up has me a bit underwhelmed.

    The mobile FS2 version seems sidelined anyway but I'd still like more graphics power than what my mini retina/2 gives. In the absence of a mini 5 perhaps a big iPhone might work but it is a huge drop from 8" to 5.5".

  • Donka have you tried 120 Hz display in your iPad and unlimited frames setup in FS2. I would be interested in super fast instrument responses. I would like an emulation of a Frasca simulator instrument panel with its mechanical full size instruments. The bonded screen and digitiser with coated glass sounds great too.

    I have tried unlimited frames in Android beta with a Pixel C, don't know the display rate. It is really nice but I'm looking for a new iPad. 10.5 pro sounds hot!

    Edit FS2 has a max 60 fps with the Pixel C with frames unlimited.

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