Have you found the photo scenery made with GeoConvert better looking than that made with tools of other sims?

  • I used to make photo scenery with FSET for FSX, and Ortho4XP for X-plane. Now I am using GeoConvert to make the same areas of the same map source, and I found the ground texture to be clearer. The self made photo scenery of the other sims are blurrier and washed out in color. Have any of you noticed this improvement?

  • Yes I have, I've used Ortho4xp in Xplane 11 in the same area and although it's a little more user friendly Xplane has this haze to it that I just can't stand, so on the whole I think my scenery looks a lot better in FS2😎

    Ortho4xp X-plane scenery is even more blurrier than FSET FSX scenery, but X-plane 11 has better memory management than FSX so there are less cases not showing ground texture some distance away. AFS2 has better overall image clarity and better memory management. Wish GeoConvert can get better with more related development.

  • Over many years I have made about 1 TB of photo scenery for FSX. Now a newbie to FS 2 I have started making scenery and at first glance it looks crisper and no blurries which was a killer in FSX. Unfortunately the quality of both Bing and GE satellite images are not as good as a few years ago.

    So FS 2 has the thumbs up for me.

    Best wishes, Michael :)