What's Next? Runways, airports, 3d buildings for our newly created scenery.

  • Yes, according to Rodeo, after a well earned vacation, he will be back in the saddle and picking those IPACS locks so we can actually create our own airports, big or small, add hangars, towers, buildings, etc. Maybe even water towers on the hills and cell phone towers, etc.

    What's next?

    Did you already try to define airports for the location/navigation map in aerofly? See my tutorial in the wiki.

    After vacation time we go on with airport/runway builder with AC3D. In combination with this we will get

    access to the object library of aerofly to activate our sceneries with 3D objects.



    Visit the aerofly FS2 WIKI

    I am eager to get started. ACD3 -8 will be one of the requirements so should be go get our Student edition now or wait for the tutorial?



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    ready for some voices in the sky? now available . . . Aerofly FS2 RC ATC https://afs2rcatc.com/