Q400 panel left view - Takeoff Config Test

  • For the T.O. Configuration Test, there is a switch located to the pilot's left side, in front of the tiller, which is always hidden by the tiller arm and very difficult to operate. Is there any way to change the view angle of this switch to make possible its operation?. In P3D thanks to ChasePlane one can do this easily.

    There is also a view problem with the pilot's yoke covering the DH/MDA buttons mainly during the approach phase that also makes hard to change or set the DH reading for a correct landing operation. Is there any way to hide the yoke in AFFS2?.

    Wondeful plane this Q400 by the way!.

    Cheers, Ed

  • Hi Ed,

    (Blame Bombardier...)

    Currently there is no way to hide the yoke or tiller in the Q400. You can, however, assign buttons to the view move functions. I have mine set to the arrow keys: press forward to move the camera forward, left and right to move sideways, page up and down to much up and down. Just check your view control settings and remove any old arrow key assignments for other functions.

    You can also move to the first officers camera and then look over and zoom in, though this isn't ideal either.

    Internally I already prepared a bunch of yokes to be hidden and I might ask around if we can make this an official thing.

    What a poor cockpit design by Boeing and Bombardier... Hiding important info behind the yoke. In a 747 you can't see the vertical profile all that well either... why would you put such a large thing in front of the PFD and ND... Also leaves no room for any food trays... Love the Airbus designs much better. But that is another topic.