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    Hope Ipacs revert this, there are some minor tweaks that need to be done to further improve the r22, but not this.

    Yesterday early night I got a new AFS2 OB-update via Steam, and the first I've tested was the - so called - "not changed flight model" of IPACS's Robinson R22 (--> look at Jet-Pack's statement above).

    Well, what should I say, and it makes me even sad :(:

    • still the same crazy easy flight behaviour during - so called - Professional Mode (it's the only mode I'm flying this little bird).
    • still able to land on the craziest spots I choose during flight, with almost no struggeling and only little corrections imput in comparison to my main experiences, and before the latest two OB-updates.
    • E.g. this special previous "vivid translational lift effect" has almost gone; which was soooo unique compared to all the other iterations in various other flight-sims.
    • discovered myself to get even bored while flying because it has become so easy to fly. Current - so called "not changed" - flight model strongly reminds me on the various helos I can find in FSX/P3D - or better - X-Plane.

    Résumé: They've cut down the feathers of a former interesting and vivid bird.

    Cheers and all the best.

    ...I even double checked if the update didn't maybe default me to easy mode, seems to be needing less left pedal when pulling collective for take off, than it did before the update.

    ---> :) funny you are mentioning this: It is exactely the same I have done first !!!! - and I can confirm your experiences during take off literally.

    ......I do not think I got any better and it would be best if the helicopter is kept as hard to fly as it is in real life.

    ---> exactely, that's the one and it is sooooooo true.........

    So, if any changes have done: Pleas IPACS, revert it back to Claude Vuichard original flight model/behaviour.


    All the best, and a big thank you to all you guys who have confirmed my presumptions,

    Clemens (from Germany)

    Dear IPACS developers !

    My question is: Does the R22 professional flight model has changed in any aspect since IPACS's latest OB Update ? I'm asking because it seems easier to fly, peculiar hovering close above ground, and it seems more stable in the pitch axis - at least to me.

    Maybe it's just my own imagination, and maybe the only reason is cause I've become pretty skilled in flying helos :).

    But from the beginning on I was very impressed about the cooperation among Claude Vuichard and IPACS and I would like to know if anything - maybe - has changed.

    Thank you in advance;
    and thank you for giving us such a great helo which feels so realistically to fly in front of a home-PC.

    Well, my intial question was not held impolite ! So, why are you not giving me a simple answer for a simple question ?

    Giving no answer and ignoring a longtime supporter/customer of Aerofly (since aerofly FS 2012) is something I have not deserved....

    You can activate the view of an avatar with CTRL + F8.

    You navigate with left mousekey pressed and W, S

    Return to the planes position with R

    Return to normal view with 1 and then P

    Thank you Tom!

    Yes, I know this function, and I have no VR, only "old school" TrackIR :thumbup:. But, honestly, for me its not the same in comparison to a decent third person mode like in P3D. It's so immersive - alike walking myself surrounded by beautiful scenery....

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    Wow, very consistent and the music matches very well to the cultural background to one of the most astonishing regions on our beautiful planet.

    What suprises me regularly about Aerofly: To me pictures in motion in AFS2 (like Sasa's great video, or on my own srcreen) look even better than its screenshots of corresponding areas.

    In certain other flight-simulators its quite the opposite: Screenshots often look better compared to the actual sim experience, not to mention about their performance....

    Lukla Airport closed. Grounded! ;)

    Bu to be honest: Current aerofly cannot reduce the visibility much more than that.

    Wow, I LOVE this set me it looks very convincing, especially the first one; THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! Hopefully IPACS will bring about a better weather engine in close future...

    All the best.

    Random shot from one of the low detail areas around Tumlingtar:

    I do know these Himalaya regions from real life pretty well: My first verdict based on screenshots I've seen so far: It looks and breathes "Himalaya" and its divinity, its uniqueness and generic colours in the first time I've seen on a sim-screen up to now !!!

    Agree completely!!!

    I'm not a very active member of the Aerofly FS2 community (working on it) but if anyone knows aircraft developers that would be good candidates for an AS350: Now is the time! :) I stated in an earlier post: Yes there are two developes who have done a pretty nice job regarding a decent depection of the AS350 in a flightsim! And I've both of them (one for FSX/P3D and one for X-Plane)

    1) NemethDesigns : NemethDesigns AS350 Ecureuil

    2) DreamFoil: Eurocopter AS350 B3 Plus by DreamFoil

    Hallo Thomas !!!

    Vielen Dank für deine wundervolle Szenerie, macht mich - ehrlich gesagt - ein bisschen sprachlos.

    Unglaublich, was mit dem AFS2 bereits möglich ist, wenn so talentierte Entwickler wie du mit Begeisterung daran Hand anlegen.

    Hoffe, du kannt wenigstens dein Wochenende halbwegs ohne Ölgestank geniessen ;)

    Ich wünsche dir alles Liebe, viel Glück und noch mehr Freude,

    Clemens aus dem Bergischen

    The masts are already up. It is the sails that are missing. AFAIAC the more boats the better.

    I would even like to see some 3D static boats in some of the slips in the dlcs.



    Yes, the sailboats move with reefed sails on the water, and it can be hard to distinguish them among the stationary sail boats, which are the same models. It would be really nice to add deployed sails, as it improves the illusion of movement too.

    Thank you so much Jeff for going on with this "milestone of a project" ; since years I'm waiting for a living world in any aerofly FS.

    All the very best.

    Jeff, as you endeavor to improve on this work, might I request adding a few sailboat models whose sails are deployed. I didn't come across any in my perusal of the demo areas just sailboats with mast and stays only.

    Personally I would like to see sailboats actually sailing not just motoring. I would think this would improve the perceived movement of the vessels as well. Just a little request from a fan of the work to date.

    ---> YESSSSS !!!!....this one and visible front-/backlights of the cars at night would be almost mandatory for a todays flight-sim.

    Thank you in advance!

    All the best.