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    Long time no see!

    Hope everyone is doing well!

    I purchased a new monitor this week ( 27" ASUS VG278). I loaded up Aerofly 2....WOW! 125 Hz refresh rate!

    Makes MSFS 2020..look like a slob! LOL!

    I am still flying AF2 on a regular is such a beautiful and relaxing simulator.

    Okay everyone stay clear of Covid-19<----"Thats your bogey"!



    Skysong Soundworks

    Hey guys been away for a while shaking the money maker....

    Wanted to say thank you for adding the Boeing 777 to the new update!

    One of the most realistic feeling aircraft I've ever flown in a simulator....its flight characteristics

    and behavior are simply spot on! Thank you for a wonderful job IPACS TEAM!


    May spring bring you Blue Skies and Happy Days!


    I have set up everything like I did before to convert wav files to (TSB) files but I've missed a step or something.

    When I run the converter it creates the finish folder (sound001) but there is nothing in it. I can tell something is

    not right because the converter just runs for an eye blink, then its done. Last time I had the conversion folder

    in the wrong place...I made a change but I cannot remember what it was.

    Any help much appreciated,



    Skysong Soundworks

    For some reason it does not seem to be downloading. I see the little spinney flower on the right of the screen for a good long while, but no luck so far. Not sure what the issue is...always have good luck on the STEAM page. Stumped for now! :)

    Hey guys,

    I have downloaded the free Colorado scenery from the (STEAM) website. I'm not sure where it saves on my drive or how to install it.

    Can some smart person help the Sound Guy get this installed.

    Thanks in advance,


    Skysong Soundworks

    Hey Aerofly 2 Pilots, I wanted to extend a Merry Christmas message to you

    and your families :) Cheers, and a happy and prosperous 2019 to everyone

    here at Aerofly :)

    Great group of people here!

    Thank you for letting me be a part of it.


    Skysong Soundworks

    How are things going with this? (been a while) :)

    Hello HiFlyer,

    Well I got the hang of it pretty well. I am hoping the IPACS Team can improve the sound engine so I can introduce true stereo

    sounds into the simulator. I wish there were a way to write something similar to the FSX sound engine. I could make the aircraft in

    Aerofly 2 really come to life!



    blacksmoke55 - you are an audio guy. I have been wondering whether VB Banana could be used to take the standard mono audio output from AFS2 and apply a Haas effect to give a simulated stereo and add some extra immersion. What do you think? It is amazing software and I already use it to generate a secondary signal which I process to filter out high frequencies and then send to my bass shaker.

    Hey Spit40,

    Well that is an interesting idea. I will download the software and fuss around with a bit.

    I've been away for a while. Good to hear from you.



    Thanks a lot for responding - much appreciated. I’m away from my rig at the moment, but will try to dig out the email ai received or at least narrow down the purchase date (I bought it within days of its release). Would the order/invoice details have been sent from the email address quoted in your message? I did however find the original compressed file I downloaded, so if there’s been no updates since it’s initial release, I’ll just dig out the sound files I need from there and re-install. Thanks again!

    No worries, all I need is the (name) you used for the purchase. You can also contact me using the (contact us) on my website.

    Cheers my friend!

    Do we know if Aaron has updated any of the files? Haven’t had a chance to re-install it yet, but found that particularly the Corsair engine sound is really “gutless” compared to what I’d expect the big mother-of-all-radial engines ought to sound like. I actually might use the engine sound from the Bucker Jungmeister as a replacement - inaccurate but way better sounding than the Corsair.

    I don’t know the answer but, I have been complaining about the ultra-weak sounds of the Corsair since the first Avsim review published in January 2017. All I got was a lot of double talk about not understanding CS props and such nonsense but, no one would even admit the missing sounds that should be present as you increase or decrease throttle. A good sound pack is sorely needed for sure.



    Yes, the sound engine needs an extensive amount of work to bring it up to par. Right now we basically have idle-full power. The rpm transition is sorely lacking in the middle. I can create rudimentary work around fixes for now, but I have to have a fully functioning sound engine script to polish the audio up to gold standard. It is my wish to be able to do that for Aerofly 2, I love this simulator! After all, sound is at least half the fun :) Cheers all AF2 Pilots

    So I wanted to re-install these sounds after the large update, but cannot find the download I purchased from Skysong Soundworks on my hard-drive. Nor can I find any email from Skysong or log in on their web-site (their web-site doesn't know my email address as a known customer - I could swear I registered at the time of purchase?!?) Can anyone remind me what the name of the original file from Aaron was call so that I can search it up!

    Hello Ozav8r, you can always e-mail me at: if you need additional help. Please provide me your date of purchase and (name used) and I will check your customer status. Looks like you found your original file download, it happens to me also. P.S. Thank you! :)