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    NorthEastern USA/New York is also amazingly discounted and is to me TEN times more interesting than Florida, I very rarely use Florida, it is flat and monotonous, New York is crammed full of good stuff. It will cost you the price of a big bar of chocolate, hint ..... go for it!

    Went for it, thanks ;)

    Longtree if you are interested the Steam Sales have started and the U.S. SOUTH FLORIDA DLC is only $8.74 along with a bunch of other DLC's for a great price.

    Yeah, I waited for the sale :) I bought Switzerland, Northeastern USA and South Florida !

    My opinion is the South Florida DLC for less than ten bucks is the deal of the century. Whatever you do, don't miss this one.

    Just got it ;)

    Such a great price !

    Switzerland, with draussaud or orbx cultivation freeware add on, is fantastic ! More than 40 airports...

    Yeah, I saw the video by Belgeode

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    It looks fantastic !

    Hi Longtree,

    Lukla is great for the price. Telluride in Colorado is a good mountain scenery place too. For a change in colours also check out Death Valley.

    Brilliant, thanks, I'll check those out!

    You can't go wrong with Switzerland and the new Lukla DLC. Each of those has literally brought nothing but joy and happiness while flying in VR.

    For the same big landscape scenes I would suggest you check out the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Colorado.

    Also you will find there are a few big cities modeled which are fantastic for flying in the R22 heli.

    Depending on how much you like VR flying, you might be inclined to start creating your own scenery which can be time consuming but very rewarding.

    What kind of headset are you using?

    Great, thanks for the advice !

    I'm using the Acer Windows MR headset. I did buy the Rift S but (surprisingly) found the visuals to be a slight downgrade with a little less resolution and some color banding even though it did have a slightly larger sweet spot and less pupil swim than the Acer. I returned the Rift S and hope to buy the Reverb when it becomes available again.

    Interesting, how do you create your own scenery ???

    Also, if you had to choose between Lukla and Switzerland which would it be ?

    Thanks again !


    I just bought Aerofly FS2 to use in VR and I have to say, I'm not disappointed !

    Now I'm looking for a new scenery to explore with great landscapes and preferably mountains. I really like the look of the Switzerland scenery and also the newly released Lukla Mount Everest Extreme.

    I was wondering what you think of these or if you have any other suggestions.