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    Hello Ipacs, as you said earlier, you'd be willing to help me code the flight physics for the A330. I've started coding the rigidbody system :

    I'll need help with the aerodynamics part.


    Have you modelled inside of the flaps, spoilers, slats, U/C bays. Detailing for U/C, is it broken down into smaller parts as per the TMD requirements, IE upper and lower parts (difficult to see from pics) U/C doors need to be in closed position.

    The inside of the flaps, spoilers, slats are modeled. In the U/C, all parts are separate.

    Ensure all the wheels sit on a level plane, at the moment the nose is higher than the mains. This will cause issues when the model is eventually loaded into FS4 if not corrected.

    I'll modify the front landing gear.

    Area around nose looks wrinkled, maybe a shading issue or polygons not flowing smoothly. What does it look like with polygons and not Blenders modelling techniques.

    I'll modify the fuselage polygons.

    Looking good!

    Couple of things: Don't add any wing flex in the model itself. The wing flex is done by the physics later on and the wing needs to be straight for this. You can also consider adding more wing stations so that the wing flex becomes a lot rounder. The wing flex is performed per vertex, so make sure to cut the wing and all attached parts at the same location all the way from the leading edge to the trailing edge for the best results.

    For Aerofly you will need textures to make the model visible at all. Here is the wiki page describing the required textures:…craft:modelling It's a little outdated but should still be applicable.

    A more up to date description of the 3D model files and textures can be found here:

    Okay, thank you very much for your advice. I will make these changes.