Fokker Dr.I Triplane


The Fokker Dr.I is a fighter aircraft of the First World War. It was used from 1917 and it achieved world fame by Baron Manfred von Richthofen (The Red Baron). Only 420 machines of this type were built. The Dr.I was very manoeuvrable and could rise quickly, but it also had to be well controlled. Often the pilots were overtaxed with the Dr.I and so it came to numerous crashes by pilot errors. The landing with this aircraft is particularly tricky. The narrow chassis and the high structure require extreme precision.


Key Features

Physics Simulation

  • Full multibody aircraft that bends under load
  • Natural gear compression and damping
  • Correct physical simulation of inertia
  • Propeller torque and gyroscopic effect from rotating radial engine natively simulated
  • Propeller wash (p-factor) simulation

Aerodynamics & Systems

  • Realistic simulation of triplane wing configuration
  • Realistic stalls and spins
  • Fully simulated aerodynamic forces on the fuselage
  • Ground effect
  • Fully simulated magnetic compass

3D Model, Sounds and Animations

  • Very high quality mesh
  • High resolution textures
  • Full interior model
  • Custom engine and propeller sounds
  • Wind sounds, ground roll, etc.


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