Vought F4U Corsair


The F4U Corsair is one of the most popular fighter planes of World War II. It was developed and built for the U.S. Navy. The F4U entered service in 1942 and was deployed mainly in the Pacific theater. Its enormous power and agility made the F4U Corsair one of the most dreaded fighter planes. Further variants of the Corsair were built until 1953 and served in the role of a fighter-bomber.


Key Features

Physics Simulation

  • Full multibody aircraft that bends under load
  • Natural gear compression and damping
  • Center of mass shift when gear retracts
  • Thermodynamic engine simulation including mixture and magnetos
  • Propeller torque and gyroscopic effects natively simulated
  • Propeller wash (p-factor) and engine torque simulation
  • Realistic stalls and flat spins
  • Fully simulated aerodynamic forces on the fuselage
  • Ground effect

Aircraft Systems & Instrumentation

  • Cold and dark startup
  • Fully interactive cockpit
  • Wing fold and locking mechanism
  • Constant speed propeller governor
  • Accurate simulation of magnetic compass
  • Full electric system
  • Tail wheel unlock
  • Dive brake

3D Model, Sounds and Animations

  • High quality mesh and high resolution textures
  • Full interior model
  • Canopy can be opened
  • Wings can be folded
  • Tail hook can be deployed
  • Cowl flaps can be opened
  • Custom engine sounds, wind sounds, ground roll, etc.


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