Aermacchi MB-339


The MB-339 is a fully aerobatic, two-seated advanced lead-in fighter trainer (LIFT) equipped with a single-turbojet engine. Different versions of the MB339 are in service since 1978 all over the world. The maximum speed at sea level is 560 mph, the rate of climb is 37 m/s or about 7300 ft/min.


Key Features

Physics Simulation

  • Full multibody aircraft that bends under load
  • Natural gear compression and damping
  • Full thermodynamic turbo-engine simulation with independent simulation of the individual components such as compressor, turbine, burner, nozzle and engine shaft
  • Full electrical system with battery, generators, electrical buses and switches

Aircraft Systems & Instrumentation

  • Fully interactive cockpit
  • Cold and dark startup
  • Front or rear seat priority switches
  • Radio navigation and working HSI
  • Functional heads up displays (HUD)
  • Accelerometer min/max and reset
  • Basic autopilot/flight director
  • Airbrake

3D Model & Animations

  • High quality mesh and high resolution textures
  • Realistic cockpit illumination and dynamic exterior lights
  • Full interior model
  • Canopy can be opened
  • Front and rear seat view


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