Bombardier Dash8-Q400


In the line of regional jets of the Canadian manufacturer Bombardier called “Q Series” the DHC8-Q400 is the largest version with up to 86 seats. Since summer 1999 more than 1000 Dash 8-Q400 are in use by many airlines all over the world. The propulsion comes from two turboprop engines with a maximum of 3781 kW and 6-blade propellers. Fully fueled with over 5000 kg of jet fuel a maximum range of 2500 km can be achieved.


Key Features

Physics Simulation

These things are fully simulated in Aerofly FS:

  • Full multibody aircraft that bends under load
  • Natural gear compression and damping
  • Center of gravity shift from gear retraction
  • Thermodynamic engine simulation with individual components for compressor, burner, turbines, drive shafts and nozzle
  • Simulated full authority digital engine controller (FADEC)
  • Cold and dark startup

Aerodynamics & Flight-Controls

Aerofly FS features a realistic aerodynamics simulation and this aircraft is no exception:

  • Physics based simulation of the constant speed, fully feathering propellers and propeller speed governors, including full beta range
  • Propwash simulation
  • Native wing flex simulation
  • Independent simulation of flaps, ailerons, roll and ground spoilers
  • Significant drag increase from extended landing gear

Autopilot, FMS & Instrumentation

  • Authentic autopilot behaviors
  • No auto-throttle just like real aircraft
  • Flight management system (FMS) with LNAV/VNAV
  • UNS-1 Control Display Units (CDUs) with interactive pages and flight planning capability
  • Approach navigation auto-tuning
  • Working HUD
  • Realistic PFD, ND
  • Realistic system pages
  • Manual navigation source selection
  • Master caution and warning system

Aircraft Systems

Custom coded aircraft systems and behaviors specific to this aircraft and based on real world flight manuals:

  • Fully interactive cockpit
  • Full electric network with batteries, buses, generators, dynamic electric switches and individual electrical loads
  • Hydraulic system affecting flight control availability
  • Fuel system

3D Model and Animations

  • High quality mesh
  • High resolution textures
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Realistic exterior lights
  • Adjustable display, annunciator and panel brightness
  • Side tables can be folded down
  • Yoke can be pushed down to hide it

3D Directional Sounds

  • Independent propeller and engine noise
  • Air conditioning sounds
  • Authentic radar altitude and GPWS callouts
  • Realistic master caution & warning sounds
  • Wind sounds, ground roll, passenger signs, cabin chime,…


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