Getting Familiar With Your VR-Hands

Aerofly FS supports virtual reality (VR) hand controllers from Oculus, Vive and Windows Mixed Reality. These are hand held devices that track each hand position and orientation and also track to your finger positions, e.g. whether you depress a button on the controller with that finger or not. We show the recognized hand position as simulated hands in the Aerofly FS simulation and you can interact with the cockpit controls with your virtual hands.

Using the virtual hands in Aerofly FS feels quite natural and it becomes second nature quickly.

Note - Make sure your VR setup is done correctly and that you have enough space around you so that you don’t hit anything in your room when waving your hands around. After adjusting your seat position you can push the menu button on your left hand controller to reset the view.

Cockpit Interactions


  • Press the button(s) for the middle to pinkie finger so that the virtual hand stretches out the index finger.
  • By moving your hand you can now aim at a button or a knob and move your hand forward push it in.


By grabbing onto the yoke, sidestick or the thrust levers you can fly your airplane with your own hands just like in the real world.

  • Move your hand close to the flight controls.
  • The virtual hand assumes a grabbing position when you depress the index finger button and the button(s) for the middle to pinkie finger.
  • Now move your hands to move the flight controls.

When grabbing the yoke it is possible to rest your real hand on your legs as long as you keep the buttons depressed.


  • Move your hands close to a knob or switch that you want to move or rotate.
  • Depress just the index finger button to perform a pinch gesture that moves your thumb and index finger together and grabs the switch or knob.
  • You can now move your hand to push or pull on the switch or rotate your hand to rotate the knob.


  • By just depressing the button in the palm of your hand the virtual hand assumes the pointing position again.
  • Move your index finger to bump/flick a switch to a new position.


  • Extend the index finger of your virtual hand and move the finger until it touches the wheel
  • Move the hand up and down to select a different vertical speed on the autopilot panel or move it forward and aft to rotate the trim wheel.

Menu Interactions

View Reset

Look straight ahead and push the menu button on the left hand controller to recenter the view position and orientation. You can do this at any time when you feel like the forward direction is off or when your seat position doesn’t look correct.

In case you are able to reach your keyboard you can also press the space bar to recenter your view.

Return to Main Menu

Push and hold the menu button on the left hand controller for about two seconds exit the flight and return to the main menu.

Navigating Menus

The menus work just like a touchscreen. Hold your hand controllers loosely and move your hands to touch the screen with the index finger of your virtual hands.

  • By using both index fingers and moving them apart or together to touch the menu you can increase and decrease the zoom of a map.
  • By touching the menu with the index finger of either virtual hand and moving the hand you can pan around on a map or scroll through setting or swipe left and right to select a different aircraft.

View Control Mode

Push and hold the menu button on your left hand controller for about one second until an overlay is shown.

The overlay shows which buttons to press to

  • Toggle the HUD overlay with the left index finger button
  • Switch view category (left thumb stick up/down)
  • Switch views within a category (left thumb stick left/right)
  • Pan the view (right thumb stick)