How to reset zoom...?

  • I changed the zoom in order to write the VOR tutorial but I notice there is no way to reset the view. How can I get back to the exact default zoom...?

  • default keys for zoom are z and shift+z

    I don't know why you need the exact same zoom as the default... Deleting the view setting entries in the main.mfc should do the trick

    Well, because I presume that is the most correct view, closest to real life...? The one that gives a realistic view on the cockpit but also, quite important, on the scenery? I mean, you'd think IPACS would have come up with a specific default view and not just a random one. But I might be mistaken. ;) Anyway, whenever someone zooms in to see something better I presume that person would also like to restore the view to where it was. I am actually surprised you are asking why someone would want to use the default zoom! ;)

    I will see if deleting those entries does the trick indeed and after that I won't use zoom anymore until there is a reset key. ;)

  • Deleting the view setting entries in the main.mfc should do the trick

    Could you share which lines I should delete? I only found one that looked like it had something to do with it but deleting that line resulted in a pitch black screen...


    Never mind. I made a backup of my, had the sim create a new main.mfc, took a note of the zoom in the Cessna, restored my old main.mfc and changed to zoom accordingly. ;) Still, a zoom reset option sounds like a good idea to me. ;)

  • The default view is far from "this is exactly how I see things in real life". The default setting is a very wide field of view that lets you see everything. I zoom in a lot more which is more realistic but that requires a lot of camera movement.

    When I'm sitting in the A320 I have the PFD and ND lower edge barely on the screen and the horizon line about 1/7 from the top. Even at that zoom level the knobs on the FCU are 1.5x smaller than the real thing. If I zoom in all the way the knobs on the FCU are bout 90% the size in real life on my 27 inch monitor. So if you want to go realistic, zoom all the way in. Or use a VR headset.

    When I use both my 27'' monitors for the Aerofly then the correct zoom in the A320 achieved approximately when I can see the lower edge of the glareshield as well as the pilot position adjustment balls (red + white spheres). It is that narrow and "zoomed in" in the real world. Runways take up quite a bit of the screen then, mountains become quite impressive but you can't actually see that much around you anymore. You would have to move the camera all the time any you couldn't really look outside and on the PFDs at the same time...

    Another realistic example would be the cockpit of a glider. When you have a typical screen distance and a 27'' monitor then the instrument panel alone should about fill your entire screen. That would require more than full zoom in. The real world panel would be in about the same distance to you like your monitor is right now, and it is approximately as big.

    I really don't like how some people, in videos that I have seen, zoom out even further than the default setting. I would not be able to read anything on the PFDs that way and they overdo it to a point where the view is distorted at the corners. The default settings are not set for optimal 1:1 scale representation, they are set to give you a good understanding of the space around you. In VR this is a different story, there you can't really change the zoom that much or it becomes incredible unrealistic. Depth perception would be totally off as it is in a lot of "3D" movies. It is like watching "the hobbit" in 3D with these very nice areal shots of them walking though the mountains but the mountains appear like flat pages in front of each other. That would be an example of too much zoom, the depth axis shrinks too far.

    So for these reasons, anyone pretty much has their own preference, I don't see a need to reset to default field of view. But maybe other users would like to see something like this?

  • i am glad this subject came up.

    this is how i struggle with the zoom issue:

    1. see the 3 pictures and the text underknief

    2. in-cockpit view mouse wheel still does not zoom. wheel up=zoom in, wheel towards user=zoom out please!

    3. I am not happy that ipacs overrites all my settings. Please provide user settings that can be saved as..

    first picture shows actual ipacs view

    second picture shows how horizon is sized in actual real life, but that causes cockpit panel oversize

    third picture shows how it should be

    so the issue is: default zoom with correct panel size lets horizon go wide angle and looks too far away compared to real life.

    this is tested and confirmed.

  • The default view is far from "this is exactly how I see things in real life". The default setting is a very wide field of view that lets you see everything.

    Yes, after resetting the view to default using the 'trick' I posted I also was surprised by how zoomed out it was... Luckily I usually fly in VR. ;)

    Anyway, what I think would be the best solution is 1. to add a default zoom option to the option screens and 2. to add a key option to reset the zoom to that user default.

    second picture shows how horizon is sized in actual real life, but that causes cockpit panel oversize

    Well, I do think this can be overcome rather easily by moving yourself within the cockpit. So use a zoom that shows the correct horizon and then position yourself in the VC (using the move option which you can assign yourselve). I think that you can come close to what you want this way.

  • so the issue is: default zoom with correct panel size lets horizon go wide angle and looks too far away compared to real life.

    this is tested and confirmed.

    Yeah but that is a mathematical correlation that we can't mess with. The Cessna interior model is pretty accurate in its dimensions and the simulated outside world is correct as well. The seat position is also not that bad so there is actually no room to play here. We can't have the panel at another zoom level than the scenery that would be mathematically incorrect and highly unrealistic as well. I don't know if there is any solution to this. Back to 2D panels I guess.

  • It would be important to have an on screen readout for the zoom factor as once you have established your personal 'realistic' zoom factor (which depends e.g. on monitor size and distance from the monitor) I would like this factor for all planes of course.

    Presently it's not possible to establish the identical zoom factor for all planes because there's no readout.

    Well, as it is now the zoom factor isn't aircraft dependent but general. Don't know how to say it exactly in English ;) To put it in other words: if you change the zoom in one plane that same zoom is used in all planes. So for that an on screen readout isn't needed. Still, a readout would be nice indeed.

  • Personally I'm against any text readouts on screen. Having the red "brakes" or "parking brake" or "pause" flash in one corner totally kills the immersion for me in FSX. luckily through editing of some config file you can get rid of them.... this is not the way to go I think.

    It would be nice to store some sort of preset camera field of view and then reset it when you press the camera centering key/button for example. Zoom in and lean over to one side to see the wing tip up close.... press button and look ahead with the correct field of view.



  • The whole zoom thematic is little bit annoying and relatively complicated.

    Very informative stuff:

    WideViewAspect & Zoom: Part 1

    WideViewAspect & Zoom: Part 2

    I'm happy that I don't have to use 2D screens anymore. In VR everything is in the right distance, place, proportion, zoom, position and feels always just right... :love:

    (I hope I didn't missed the point of the thread too much :P)

  • Personally I'm against any text readouts on screen.

    Me too! I absolutely hate on screen things. I also always removed all those messages in FSX/P3D ASAP. But as bbrz says a shortcut would be nice.

  • Agreed on both points!

    Especially in the fast jets, you are looking all over the sky, always great to have a "reset zoom and direction of view" shortcut

  • agree.

    a quick info field (summary of settings) designated to a key (visible 5 seconds).

    the discussion makes us believe that the solution is complicated. In fact is easy to solve.

    once the developers get an exact idiot of what the users want, they will surely rectify.

    The whole GUI/settings interface is big construction place anyway, we need to add some attention to this as soon as ATC and NAV are implemented.

    i guess.

    who is ipacs' GUI specialist? who was designing the blue interface thing? Jetpack, any idea?

  • There is already a look ahead function that I have set to a button on my X-55 Rhino. Perhaps a memory function could be used to store a preferred zoom setting that could be also set to a button (or even combined with the look ahead function), that way it is very quick and useful to return to a "safe" viewpoint.

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  • I really dislike this feature in x-plane, because if you want to use the mouswheel to move a switch and you don't hit the clickspot precisely the view zooms in/out instead.

    That is the exact reason why Aerofly doesn't have it right now. If you zoom in and out and suddenly find your mouse cursor over a switch you are manipulating said switch or knob. If you manipulate the switch and aim just slightly beside it zooooom your view is totally messed up.

    We can actually work around that if we add a little deadzone around the switches. But honestly I would also be happy zoom whilst holding down the left or right mouse button.

    If you have other ideas how we could enable zoom with the mouse wheel without getting in trouble of hitting clickspots when the field of view is adjusted let us know