Simple airport, runway will not show

  • Hello,

    I am trying to add my first simple airport on the island of Tenerife, which is a no-DLC zone as you know (maybe it's the problem?). I created the TSC file and it will actually show correctly in the "Location" map of the game, but when firing up the sim, the runway will not show as you can see on the attached screenshot. Oddly, the PAPI is there!

    I also tried putting the "runway.tmb" file I found in the Hawaii user-contributed DLC (sorry, just testing!) but no luck either.

    Here is the TSC file :

    Any wisdom would be much appreciated, thanks!


  • Hi Kevin,

    please set the runway height to -4, as it was in the Hawaii airports.

    It is right now only a dummy file. If you set it to 0, it is in the same elevation as your aerial scenery.


  • I built this one from scratch and it works fine. see below. Change the file name extension to tsc and place in the places folder.tenerife.txt



  • here is the tsc file data.

  • Thank you both for all your help!

    I've tried all the variants above, the airport shows up correctly in the "Location" screen but I still get no runway when actually loading the simulation. Should I reboot or something, is restarting the game not enough?



  • Hi,

    I tried the code of Ray and it works fine.

    Make sure, the TCS file has the same name like the TSC folder.

    But this is an area of IPACS default texture, so there is no runway visible.
    Perhaps it that what you meant?

    You have to use FSET and GeoConvert/GeoConvert Helper to create your Tenerife scenery.