Need help using GIMP v2.8 to change muddy water in Lake to a presentable blue color

  • Hey Gang,

    I am learning to use GIMP one flash as a time and I need some pointers on how to approach changing the muddy water in a local lake (30 miles long) from various shades of mud to the normal light bluish color that I see as I fly over it. see pic of FSET version.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated but I really need it at the 3rd grade level and full step by step on how to tackle it. Thanks.



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  • Hi Ray,

    First you need to select the area of the water body. This can be tricky because of the brown color which is close to land color. I would use a combination of Fuzzy select tool and Select by color tool. You can use the intersection of the two selections for instance.

    Then, in the Colors menu, there is a Colorize option where Hue change the color. Be light handed with the saturation setting to get a realistic result.

    Attached is a short experiment with your tile.

    Hoping that helps,