What I'm Looking For In FS2

  • Greetings from Phoenix!

    As long as everyone is expressing their wishes and desires for FS2, I might as well also.

    I'm not a pilot, and never will be. I spent my whole working career in the airline and travel industry. I am a casual, but avid, simmer. A flying gamer, if you insist. I am not the least bit interested in *study level* aircraft, though I think it's great they exist. Truly amazing actually!

    What I want is a highly polished FSX with terrific, accurate default terrain and city graphics, and no popping autogen, hiccups, stutters or pauses. I don't want another tweaking puzzle that's always missing pieces. The fewer scenery addons I have to purchase the better. FSDT Airports are truly wonderful, but they are problematic and very frustrating -- and they shimmer and twinkle.

    I want highly detailed and accurate default airports, with ILS, in major cities. Oh, and throw in a really nice directional default push back tug!

    I don't really care about real world weather as long as the default weather selections are credible, visually. I don't like flying in bad weather in real life, so why would I in the sim (where I can also play God)?

    I want a flight planner and GPS similar to FSX with option to have the auto pilot follow the flight plan on the GPS same as FSX.

    I want inside and outside camera's for multi views. It would be nice to be able to place a camera around the airport and runways like FS9.

    Like FSX default planes I want to be able to fly FS2 default airliners(with super HD graphics) with just ALT Hold, Vertical Speed Hold, Heading Hold, and Speed Hold and Approach Hold with the Auto Throttle and Flight Director for an auto pilot(CMD). I don't care about LNAV, VNAV, RNAV, SIDS, STARS, FMS, etc. In other words a simplified FSX style NAV system in the default liners. Speaking of default airliners where's the 777-200/300, 757-200/300 and the 737-800/900?

    I want an ATC program similar to or better than FSX.

    It would be nice to have features like FRAPS and FS Recorder for making videos.

    Btw, I just ordered the DVD version of this game.



  • Yes, I realize FS2 is just getting started and it will be some time before it is fully fleshed out. In the mean time I have FSX steam version running quite nicely and with Steve's DX10 Fixer it is indeed beautiful, however it is still FSX with FSX warts!

    I ordered the DVD version as a means of supporting the development of FS2.


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    Thank you for your support and welcome to our forum.

    Please understand that the Steam version and DVD versions of Aerofly FS 2 are somewhat different at this point. The DVD version is unable to be updated as the Steam version does, and the DLC isn't all available for the DVD version as well. We are working on changing this but still may be some time.

    I wanted for you to have all of the information available to make a sound decision.

    The DVD version is indeed a solid build and is the same Aerofly FS 2 at its core. The DVD version is also fully capable of running in VR mode as well.

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    On behalf of Torsten, Marc, and the rest of the IPACS team, we would all like to thank you for your continued support.



  • I think you may be positively surprised, despite lacking important features indeed. In my mind, the visual quality is way above what FSX, Prepar3d, and X-Plane provide. Besides, running with continuous 120 fps without stutters contributes much to the immersion of being in a real plane.

    Kind regards, Michael

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  • Greetings from Phoenix!

    What I want...

    AFS2 will give you some of the things you are looking for but some others will be lacking.

    The main advantage AFS2 has over other sims is the excellent performance that doesn't need any tweaking at all. It's really GREAT flying with an fps above 100. (Or at a steady 60 is you use vsync.) Incomparable with FSX.

    There aren't any weather themes: it's always a sunny day in AFS2. You can lower visibility though to make things look less sunny. You also get a small circle of clouds (which you can turn off) but that's about it.

    Multi views and setting up your own cams isn't possible.

    AFS2 has a very easy to use planner and flying a plane using GPS on AP, etc. isn't a problem. Only problem is that the planner ALWAYS adds a final approach fix into the plan no matter if there are mountains around so you can't fly from A to B by just using the plan: you may have to take control over the plane during take off and specially approach otherwise you might crash.

    ATC isn't available yet. IPACS is working on it though. The main problem you might have with AFS2 is that you want a lot while progress is really slow. Enjoy it for what it is now, I'd say, and don't wish for too much too soon.

  • I think that AF2 is perfect for what it is.

    Plane: What a nice variety with graphic better then most payware, I have V4 with a lot of addon and, well i'm always flabbergasted when I go back to AF2 .

    I really love the handling of most (don't care about auto pilot??? What is the fun in that?)

    Weather: Fine with me, I would only add another layer of some kind. Maybe different stratus. If you want to fly in the cloud (IFR), you don't need AF2 visual experience. ;)

    ATC: Don't care

    Traffic : Don't really care, maybe light GA traffic could be fun.

    Moving water: I'm biased on this one.

    Helicopter: I WANT ONE 8o

    Ajustement of camera speed of outside view would be a nice feature for filming.



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  • Thanks for all the reply's and input. Yes, I've been following along for several months so I 'm pretty well up to date with the current status of the sim and like everyone else I AM anxious for the features we are all waiting for to be realized.

    I don't plan on installing from the DVD just yet, however the DVD might have been a poor choice given the auto updating on Steam. I'm using Steam for FSX right now and it IS very convenient.

    Hah! Speaking of mountains -- FSX vectored me into a mountain on approach to LAS a weak ago. I could see that I was a bit too low, but I wanted to see if I would just barely clear it. Didn't happen --- crash. I re-flew the approach and decreased my rate of descent while increasing the speed a bit and of course that worked out fine.


  • I have FSX and X-plane11 and I really like Aerofly FS 2.

    I have Aerofly FS 2 on DVD version 2.0.5 (20171102).

    In the manual I found that there is already version (31/01/2018).

    I do not know how and where Aerofly FS 2 DVD is updated?

    (Google translator)

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    Please give us a little more time. We are working on a way to update the DVD version. We are also looking to add some DLC for DVD owners as well

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    I'm just a cook, I don't own the restaurant.
    On behalf of Torsten, Marc, and the rest of the IPACS team, we would all like to thank you for your continued support.