What does mean C/P ?

  • Hi all,

    As a very beginner, I'm discovering the promising possibilities of what is intended to be my prefered fly simu (after a long time with FSX/P3D)

    And as a noob, I have a lot of questions that dokuwiki can mostly answer.

    Except that one : what the hell is this panel appearing when clicking on C/P (see attached file) ? Is this a kind of autopilot ? What does that mean ?

    Thanks for answers (and sorry if the question has already been asked) ! :)

  • This is the copilot indeed. This overlay allows you to stabilize the aircraft, any aircraft, and make it fly more to the left, more to the right, up down and along the route (center button). The basic functionality should work now so that if you press the default key assignment "c" any aircraft can be set on a form of autopilot, even if the aircraft doesn't actually have an autopilot like the gliders or the war birds.