• I did not see a place to post this question over there. I hope you do not mind me asking it here.

    The any of the textures files that I use for files from FsCloudPort I do not have to use any tools on them? Just download and go fly like I do with the repaints that I love on here? Any one care to post a pic of any airport?

  • Dholm,

    The answer to your question is “yes, however”. Depending on whether the downloaded airport is located in an installed DLC area or not. Very few of the fsCP airports are located in DLCs.

    If the airport is located in a “pixel soup”area, then you will not have any improved scenery under or around the new airport. Today, we are not able to provide the needed scenery along with the download. The only advantage this will give you is the ability to takeoff or maybe land at the newly downloaded and installed airport. This may help in some ways. You may be a lot closer to your destination, for instance.

    Those few airports that have been added to a DLC area already have the full DLC scenery upgraded so the new airport will look somewhat normal although it probably will not have new taxiways and ramps.

    I suggest you make an effort to learn to build the new scenery using FSET and GeoConverter. We can help you along. fsCP is being continuously upgraded and improved so it will have more features and be easier to use. The next big improvement will be the addition of runway numbers. Later planned improvements are taxiways and ramps.