ATC Interface

  • Not sure if anyone remembers, and it is not a prefect solution by any means, but I put together something using VoiceAttack last year. It is for VFR only, and not complete, but it does add a bit of realism. If anyone wants to help, we can try to make it better. Clean up the verbage, add more things to it, etc. At least to hold us over till the real ATC is complete.

    Anyone interested in putting a few hours in with me on it?

    I think there are two totally different VA profiles in the archives. This one, by MrRCSound, was written specifically for the C172 at Las Vegas. The link that is referenced above is for the Learjet45 and is not airport specific.

    I contributed some real world memories of a lifetime of flying to your previous profile and would be glad to add more for a new or updated edition. I do remember there are distinct differences in European ATC and US ATC so you can probably expect some give and take on what is proper and what is not proper based on location and experience of the source.



  • As I recall, there were some differences that caused confusion between US and European ATC. Especially around the requesting take off and such. Maybe we should break it up, do a US version and a European version?

    I have not had time to work on this much at all. With work stuff, family stuff, and the G-seat, I have been booked.

    I need to go back through things, and refresh my memory of what I did and how I did it. After that I can probably do some further work on it.

    Right now, it is kind of generic for the 172. Let me try to remember here: Request Taxi, take off, departing, landing clearance, etc.

    What more kind of things can I add that would be helpful? I will especially need help with proper verbage and requests used by ATC.

    Things look like they may be slow this week, If I can get 10 or so hours into it, it may become really cool.


  • I am on vacation for the next week and only have an iPad with me. I think you had left vs right turns for departure plus some traffic advisories. I remember your last update being as correct as necessary for a flight sim without any ATC.

    One of the forum members thought it might create havoc and cause brain damage for his friends. Although, I thought that was a truly stupid expectation to have a 100% accurate and free anything he took exception. My comment would still be the same - May those that don’t want any, have fond memories of not getting any.



  • Maybe FS 2 is actually a software version of "stone soup". They will supply the pot and we will provide all of the ingredients.

    All good things take time to complete. Some of our clocks do tend to run slower than normal though.