Any chance for a complex GA aircraft in the near future?

  • Hi, I'm completely new to Aerofly FS 2 and I'm really enjoying it. Prepar3d has been my main simulator for some years now and I'll probably continue to use it, but I've been spending a lot of time with Aerofly in the last few days. Now I'm a pure GA flyer, and though the default C172 flies quite nicely, some things are a bit unrealistic : for example, mixture set to full rich always seems to give you the best performance, while in reality it's necessary to lean the mixture above approximately 5000 ft. Also, when cutting the throttle to idle on approach, the aircraft drops like a rock which makes it difficult to perform a nice landing flare. Now I was wondering if you are planning to develop a more complex GA aircraft with realistic flight dynamics and engine management for a future update or as a DLC?

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • Aerofly FS2 is not finish yet. Many thing are missing, but IPACS working hard to improve and complete it step by step. We all have to be patient.

    At momen the mixture function works only on/off. It will work correct when the enginge simulation is improved.

    A Cessna 172 fall from the sky if throttle is idle, espacially with 40° flaps, That's real. I think the simulation is correct. You have to approch with 70 knots, which needs some thrust. Don't cutting the throttle to idle on approach.

  • How much real world flying experience do you have? A friend of mine is just doing his PPL in a C172 and one of the things he has to train is how to land the aircraft with the throttle cut to idle while still in the traffic pattern, simulating an engine failure. And the C172 definitely not falls from the sky like a rock, it can float for quite a while in which you can try to return to the airport for an emergency landing. I'm not complaining about AFS 2 at all and I know that they'll do their best to improve it with every update, I just wanted to know if there are plans for high quality Addon GA planes like A2A develops for FSX and Prepar3d

  • I'm not a real pilot. I flew two times with a C172, one time I had control. So I don't have much experience. But I know a Cessna is heavy, has a bad glide scope and I have seen how fast a Cessna can sink. Of course, you can land a C172 with throttle idle, but you can do this also with C172 in AFS2.

    I fly Aerofly RC7 too, the software FS1 and FS2 is based on. I had always the feeling that the planes are too much depending of the thrust. The glide scope is too bad without thrust. This is only my feeling, based on my experience with real RC model flying, but I can be wrong. On the other hand it confirms your observation.

    I think there are good and experienced pilots in this forum, who can rate it better. :):):):)

  • Of course it drops, I just thought it was a little exaggerated, of course I also only have a few hours of real flying experience with one of the flight instructors of my friend. I still think that AFS 2 has the potential to become one of the best simulators on the market, so I was wondering if anything was planned for a high complex GA Aircraft, maybe also by a third party developer.

  • it doesn't seem exaggerated to me in the sim. In real life, I prefer to have a very little power in for that reason in the 172, to keep the nose "lighter" and keep more air flowing over the control surfaces. Or, cut power to idle on downwind, and land simulated engine out so I can get her trimmed for best glide and I can get used to her sink rate.

  • I have about 400 hours on a 150-152-172 and some on a 182. that include hours on a PA140-160.

    Engine at Idle still pull the airplane, more then you think... how do I know, I had a real engine failure with a 172 many years ago... and trust me the glide slope is not the same BUT, it still glide nicely and it did get me to the ground safely.

    It's even hard sometime to get the 172 in a spin when not fully loaded. Very safe airplane and typical high wing stability.

    I don't compare any sim with the real stuff, but I use it like we do on a level flight and it's called "sigh seeing", do I go flying in high wind or even cloudy day, NO. Do I prefer a high wing for sight seeing, of course. Do I like the big GPS screen on the right of AF2 version, not sure :P

    Cheers, Ben

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