Cultivation Not Linked To An Airport

  • My observations showed that the displaying radius mentioned above (5 -6km) is maybe correct for buildings and trees but lights are displayed in a wider radius (more than 50km).


    This could really do with documentation or at least an "official" answer. drhotwing1

    To clarify the questions:

    - What does [size] relate to in the TSC file (just objects or objects and cultivation)?

    - Is cultivation hidden outside a fixed 5-6km radius?

    - Are lights treated differently to buildings and plants with respect to the above?

  • My guess is that lights are treated differently because they are just a point of light versus a set of coordinates for a tree or building. Lights are clearly visible beyond the tree/building radius of 5-6km (but light intensity doesn't appear to decrease for the lights farther away - probably intentional to minimize GPU load).

    Another possible performance tradeoff may be that when all those street lights turn on at night, do trees/buildings turn off since it's mostly dark anyway. Or does the 5-6km radius shrink to 1-2km to free up the GPU to process all the lights?