• Hi Everyone,

    does anyone know if ORBX have released a roadmap for FS2 for 2019?

    Will they be bringing out True Earth England South for FS2?

    Are there any other companies developing scenery or aircraft for FS2?


    Best to ask on the Orbx forum. As I did:


    Concerning TE GB all that was said was "TE GB for AFS2 is ported from the P3D version." So apparently it will be coming one day. However.... John Venema also postes this: "Ultimately though, we are a business. Yes, I am on record saying our AFS2 efforts are a long-term R&D investment, and this has been ongoing for over two years now. However at some point the R&D has to pay back its investment and this has not been the case with AFS2. For that reason we have recently re-focused back to our core P3D platform and expanded into XP11 which has proven to be profitable in terms of units sold and the XP community embracing Orbx products.

    Having said all that, I still believe in AFS2 as providing the best VR experience of any sim platform out there, and for this reason we still believe it is worth porting regions and airports to it in the long term. Just don't expect us to be so prolific about it because we cannot expend too much effort without any reward.

    I spent a day in Germany with the IPACS team about six weeks ago and they showed me some pretty exciting stuff to come in the sim, so please don't write it off just yet!"

    In short: Orbx has taken a step back when it comes to AFS2.

    Concerning aircraft: right now there aren't any developers (companies) working on planes for AFS2. The ones who tried stopped working on it because it was too complicated (also because the SDK is lacking options).

  • Now that's bad news! Taking a step back? They've hardly made a good go of taking a step forward.