HUD and Afterburner

  • Hi Admin/Developers

    Would there be any chance I could have some guidance on how to do the HUD and Afterburners effects. TTX files being more secure than most banks does not help one bit.

    The DR400 has neither of these so no help there either, as for the wiki.... :/


  • Our designers have been quite busy lately, adding helipads and stuff :)

    I'll try to get an answer for you.

    For the HUD you'll need to set a special shader tag in the material, I'm not yet sure what the tag should be...

    The after burners are just a normal "InputLuminance" color, you should be able to copy paste the tmd code and just assign a light map and it should work just fine, nothing that special about it.

  • Hi Jan

    Thanks for taking the time to reply

    I understand about adding "InputLuminance" color and tmd copying but what do the texture maps look like, a ttx file is useless for people to reverse engineer.

    Despite an illumination map, entries in controls.TMD and all the entries in the TMD file (all copied from the cessna) I still get no instrument lighting hence my request for more info to ensure I'm not missing a step. Monitoring shows the outputs are working fine. I have attached several model elements together which use different maps so is this allowed or does it interfere with the illumination.


  • but what do the texture maps look like, a ttx file is useless for people to reverse engineer.

    Hi Steve,

    white = white, yellow = yellow, red = red... you get the point. Just color the map the way you like the afterburners to look like. The map is then faded in and out with the luminance. Technically the input luminance is a color as well, so you could fine tune the color in the tmd even without changing the textures.

    The illumination is just light shining onto the surface. You will need to have an illumination map assigned in your material as well as a valid input to your tmd color. If the input to the color is off then you don't get any light.

    To make the instruments light up and glow (self luminance) you use the luminance input. Same deal here: if your input to the color is zero you wont see any results.

    Try using a simple graphics_color (not the _input_ one) and set the input to 1.0, then set the color r,g,b all to 1000.0 and assign this color to an input luminance or input illumination and it should work, if you have a texture assigned and converted your aircraft folder

  • Hi Jan

    Thanks, I have tracked down the error which means I now have instrument lighting, it was indeed the lack of a filter slot

    I read this in the Wiki when describing the filter slot so assumed the converter would add the texture automatically

    "(This slot is used in 3D Studio Max only. In most cases, we don't assign these textures explicitly but use the suffix '_illumination' and let the converter add the texture to the material."

    At least my TMD knowledge is expanding as I re-did this many many times