scenProc CreateRectangle Question

  • Hi all,

    I'm trying to use CreateRectangle in scenProc to exclude everything from a particular rectangular area. The rest of the script - based on the examples in this forum - is working fine.

    I've tried a few things but cannot get the syntax right for excluding a rectangular area- any help appreciated.

  • Hello, I tried that myself and I have to say, from the scratch it is not that easy.

    Problem is, when you create a rectangle in ScenProc, it has no Attributes u can use to identify it, but that is what you will net to use it as a filter.

    One possible workflow would be,

    - first thing in your script, create the rectangle,

    - save all polygons to a file

    - import that file

    then in your main script you can load that file and be able to use the FromFile attribute to filter.

    now the rest of your script can be placed beneath that

  • Why not doing it in Scenery Editor?

    You can draw any rectangle CTRL+mouse and delete the content with backspace. This can also be done by level, i.e. display only the lights level and delete the lights inside the rectangle.

    If I wish to delete a rectangle content in osm data then I use JOSM.

    If I want to filter data from an osm-file I use osm filter.

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  • Thanks all.

    Wünsch - thanks I'll give that a try

    TomB - I was planning to do that but the cultivation files are too large to load - so my idea was to exclude some areas I wanted to edit and then generate those smaller areas for editing in Scenery Editor - rectangles would make this easier

    TomSimMuc - again thanks for the suggestion - but I couldn't find an easy way to draw precise rectangles in GE - ie I'd like to generate a large toc file with missing rectangles and then generate those rectangles for editing in Scenery Editor - ideally using as few steps / applications as possible. Hence if it could be done in the scenProc script that'd be great.

  • Unfortunately the scenery editor has limitations with a web browser (about 250 MB is the max file size it will accept, higher than that and it won't load anything). I think if I ever port this to something like Electron then it would be able to run as a desktop app (embedded chromium) but will be able to handle any file size and have no limitations on memory and so on.