three unresolved questions about AFFS2 in Virtual Reality

  • Hello,

    Have unresolved questions here;

    - Is there a keyboard layout / joystick assignment for zooming in the cockpit and in the exterior view?

    - why can I call the card in the Cessna but eg. not in the F-18 or Robinson?

    - Can not I open / close the doors on every plane? Goes for example. in Robinson not and also the cockpit pulpit in the P38 I can not open / close?

    Many thanks for your help!

    An avid AFFS2 newbie

    Froher Gruss Werner

  • - You can zoom in as well as move closer with the camera in 2d but zooming is not available in VR.

    - What card? Map?

    - Not every plane has doors modeled. The R22 doors have been added internally but have not yet made it to the cockpit. P38 doors or windows could potentially be added in the future but it is currently not the primary focus of development.

  • Thanks Jan for the answers.

    I mean the map, which does not appear in some airplanes or even in the helicopter, although I saved the key assignment with 'm' and also over the joystick. Only in Cessna does the card work when I call it.

    Strangely on the screenshots the map is visible! ...



  • The nav map in the Cessna is fixed into the aircraft itself but the map (meaning the windowed map that can be opened with 'm' in 2D) doesn't work in VR at this time. This is not a bug.

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