Updated 2019

  • I don’t know much about the Airbus and don’t use the FS2 navigation page but the cockpit works well, the nav display can switch between full compass rose and expanded and through the VOR and ILS screens. The ranges change and the frequencies can be entered into the CDU.

    I don’t know if it is FS2 or Airbus but my entered nav frequencies are over written in flight! The pilot meal table keeps popping out but I might just need to get used to it. The twin throttles work well together with two finger slides. It seems nice but I haven’t gone into any depth such as route progress pages.

    I didn’t mention that the view is a bit 3D as the eyepoint pans across the cockpit, as if the camera is on the end of an arm, the fore and backgrounds shift relative to each other in a pleasing manner.

  • I am not a friend of these workable cockpits in mobile for several reasons, but it's impressive and the team did a smart move with letting the user choose whether to use them or not.

    BUT: Framerate decreased a A LOT on or close to airports when landing. SFO reminds me of C64 times. Textures flicker. Don't know what to say, I am both disappointed and impressed at the same time.

  • Overloaded: You can actually disable the translation of the camera in the 'View settings'. It's under 'advanced view movements'. Once this is disable we no longer translate the view while looking around in the cockpit. However this features makes it much easier to control the cockpit on mobile devices and is also slightly more natural on what real pilots do as well, they don't just look around they also move their head.

    Again this new feature is completly optional and can be disabled.

    madpat: What iOS device do you have and where do you observe the issues? Maybe open a new thread for further details and possibly images as well.

  • I have an ipad pro 10.5 with 256GB. Airports I tested and experienced low frame rate were San Diego, Palm Springs and SFO. But in another thread this was already picked up by you.

    I noticed some new objects in Palm Springs and wondered whether this causes the choppy experience.

    Prefer the previous experience.

    Edit: SFO in R22 - unplayable. Flight school crashes App immediately.

    BTW: Again, I had to go to the app store, look for the FS2019 App and then click on the update button. The update was not announced on my ipad as usual.

  • Version 20.19.09

    I tried my 9.7" pro with the R-22 at Oakland and Reid-Hillview. The dead easy, that is dead and easy! mobile R-22 seems laggy at Reid', at Oakland low down, the frame rates are down to sub 10s and throttle-collective and rudder/torque cannot operate together without the old wake up jiggle. I'd also say unusable.