AeroScenery made scenery loading in patches

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  • In having and obtaining this legal opinion, under no circumstance will we (IPACS) allow for the distribution/redistribution of any ortho tiles on our domain and with me as the holder of this opinion, any distribution that I find on any other website or domain other than ours I will have to report.

    A question for the experts: Is it ok to share scenery where I've used ortho from "Zones Photo for X-Plane?


    On their website it says, quote:

    The Zones Photo website is it legal ?

    The image providers have developed texts license for the use of their services that the site Photo Zone is not intended to infringe. These texts were consulted carefully and interpreted in an objective and collaborative in our team. It was found that the existence of a site like Zones Photo was tolerated in a strictly non-commercial.

    The authors of these texts was asked to clarify unclear or contradictory passages in our eyes. When we got the answers, the authors have only re-quote the words that question without asking us better explain the meaning or bring refusal. We believe they had no objection if known to the interpretation we have made." (