Swiss Szenerien von FS1

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    Ich habe mich gefragt ob die schönen Szenerien für die Schweiz im FS2 verwendet werden können. Geht das?


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  • MartinM , the Switzerland DLC for FS2 is a jewel, even better than the FS1: and more, you can download cultivation (=autogen). Search "Drassault" cultivation or you can find Switzerland Cultivation for ORBX.

    See a picture here (Saanen), for example:

  • The Swiss huts by arth61 are all sketchup models: swiss huts

    I started once with converting the Bluemlisalphuette but there were some problems and I did not have the time to follow up. It is necessary even with the conversion tool ModelConverterX to use in addition a 3d design programme and have a certain understanding of such a programme. Hence I gave up. But it would be nice to have these sceneries from Aerofly FS1 and/or have more Sketchup models for the swiss dlc.

    Swiss obstacles are available here

    I hope Krzystof will convert these swiss sceneries one day when he finished with the aircraft.

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