Aircraft development - TMD file help needed

  • Good news

    - I finally realized that the panel lightning uses the _illumination map and not the light map. I added something else than pure black in my illumination map and I have now all my instruments back-lit and I can dim them.

    and not so good

    - Still impossible to seethe lcd and the moving map. I suspect AC3D to tgi exporter is the culprit. It look like the display_source_light is not read by the model.

    Here is how I have setup the material in AC3D

    I cannot compare with 3DS max. Is there anyone who could tell me if the material is correctly setup? I'm not sure about the light map and the self_illumination map.

  • Bingo, all working now,

    The problem was in AC3D.

    The texture coordinates were incorrect They were offset but they appeared ok because I had enabled texture tiling. I have reset my textures correctly on the three display objects and everything is displayed correctly now.

    One week of headache and the solution was a 5 minutes fix.