Very happy with Aerofly FS 2

  • I have to say that since the latest beta I am very happy with Aerofly FS 2. Specially the additions to the Q400 FMS and the fact that you can now truly set it up cold and dark (and by that I mean editing the main.mcf so it is cold and dark right after loading) has tipped me over the point of no return. And by that I mean that if you want to find files relating to other civil flightsims in my home as of today you will have to open up a drawer and dig for some external hard disks with archived old software because that is where my other sim files have been moved to now. The only item related to those other sims that's still on my desk is the checklist I made in the past for the Majestic Q400 because I can use 95% of it right now for the Q400 in AFS2.

    I am not saying AFS2 is THE sim to get for everyone but that it is THE sim for my current use. It's very personal, of course. It's far from perfect (as I said it just tipped me over) and lacks quite a few things but what it offers right now is what I want from a flightsim nowadays. The one and only thing I really do miss is weather... and I'm also looking forward to the upcoming ATC but for my current use AFS2 is THE sim. The fact that Orbx's TE GB is coming up and an Arrow with a GNS also helps here. ;)

    Looking forward to whatever else will be coming to AFS2!

  • Every time I throw the Aeroflight FS2 and am in the cockpit I think, WAU, what a great simulation and what a feeling!

    Liquid, sharp, foresight .... and he is getting better!

    Last night I started the Corsair and started from Meiringen in Switzerland to Innsbruck in Austria (my favorite route over the Alps).

    For the first time on about 21.00h and when I flew over the Alps and saw the stars and the illuminated cities, I was almost romantic.

    I remember, man, so the pilots had felt in the cockpit when they flew so lonely high up at night with the stars in the missions ...

    Froher Gruss :)


  • For me the FS2 is also pure relaxation. Spotify in the background with special playlist. A dream! :)

    Paranovski: Flieg mal mit der Beechcraft bei einsetzender Dunkelheit, mach im Flug die Tür auf und wirf einen Blick hinaus! Dazu der Außenmotorensound - der Hammer!

    In english: Open the door in the Beechcraft and take a look back! :) It's unbelievable ( in VR )! :)