Q400 et Overhead panel precisions

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    the wiki does not give any info about Ovh. Everything is present as on the payware majestic Software, thank you it's great.

    is it functional? Apu, Ground power, IRS. The throttle seems to have no trimming: Off

    Other than that, can you tell me what is not simulated in the navigation system?

    Thank you.

  • The entire overhead panel works at least in terms of being able to move all switches.

    Apu works in terms of generating power,

    Ground power works as long as parking brake is set

    Not sure what you mean with throttle trimming but you can move the power levers like in any other aircraft and you can also change the engine power, e.g. to MTOP or reduced takeoff power...

    The IRS currently can't be switched off in the q400 but this might be added later.

    Navigation system? Do you mean the flight management system, IRS or GPS?

    Currently in the CDU you can create a flight plan with waypoints, select the departure and arrival runways and for navigation you can monitor the IRS and GPS data.

  • Ground power works as long as parking brake is set

    Really! Interesting! So as it is now ground power should be available as long as and as soon as the parking brake is set? Didn't know that! Up to now I completely disregarded ground power (when going from cold and dark to ready to taxi and also during shutdown): I will test the ground power this coming weekend!

  • 1) This can not be done at this time

    2) We will continue to update aircraft functionality and add features like pushback but it's going to take some time to add.

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  • 2) Q400 CDU :

    Pages: weight of the plane - Fuel - Passengers -pussback?

    and for all the pages like in the real plane it is planned that it is modeled?

    Just like you I've flown the Majestic Q400 (a lot!) and the latest AFS2 beta brings enough options to the Q400 to forget about P3D and the Majestic Q400, not because everything is working in AFS2 right now but because the things that I like to use are modelled now (after modding the tmd to cold and dark). I am sure that in the future weight, fuel, pax, etc. will be added to the FMS too. (The main thing I am looking forward to right now are Direct to's and a working VNAV page).

    One funny thing though: you mention pushback. But in that case you aren't talking about a realistic simulation of the real plane anymore but about a Majestic feature that had been added for convenience: in the real world you don't use the FSM for pushback! ;) I do hope the upcoming ATC will open the door to realistic real world pushbacks: that would surely be a lot better than simulating another simulation by using the FMS for pushbacks. ;)