• Thanks for the news about the Aermacchi's very nice working RNAV Jan.

    It is a minimalist cockpit display and it would be most helpful if the Waypoint Number updated during the flight as the only way to follow the flight progress with the pure/no top display cockpit during a constant heading sequence is to remember to look at the new distance to run just as the previous waypoint has been passed.

    The pic is from an LNAV minimum descent altitude run into Nc Clellan-Palomar. Here the RNAV waypoint number has not changed from take off and the flight has just passed the waypoint JABAL. The 3.1 distance to the next waypoint shows that the next waypoint is GUGEC (to be crossed not below altitude 2040 feet).

    Perhaps there is a way to do this and I have missed it. Is there any way to activate the crossed bars flight director and does the (sim only) autopilot work now?

    Thanks IPACS for the continuing improvements.

  • The real world MB339 doesn't even have an autopilot, only a flight director (as you said). But the basic flight director in aerofly currently doesn't turn on unless you press the FD button, which the MB339 doesn't have sadly. So you're stuck with AP on and FD on or both off. This can be improved in the future but not right now. To turn it on you need to press the a key to activate the autopilot.

  • Can someone explain to me how to have the deviation indicator in the HSI show my deviation to a selected VOR? What I tried so far:

    1. Check HSI source to be "VOR"
    2. Dialed in the frequency of the VOR in the lower right panel (the panel with the mechanical numbers).
    3. The HSI activates, the " TO/FROM" going from red to an arrow, but "MILES" still showing a striped red bar.
    4. Turning the "SET COURSE" knob on the HSI has the HSI rotate and the "COURSE" output change accordingly, but the deviation indicator always stays to the far left, regardless of the set course.

    Did I miss something? Or do I have to use the digital navigation panel? If so, how does it work?

    Thanks in advance & cheers.

  • Standing at KEYW, NAV1 tuned to EYW (113.5), bearing 308° in 3.0NM.

    First in a Baron 58:


    Than in a MB339 (HSI mode set to VOR, VOR frequency can be seen partially in the lower right, and the outer bearing indicator of the HSI points toward the VOR). But here the deviation indicators points to the left, no matter how I turn the COURSE knob.

    Do I have to toggle some more switches?

  • Thank You again Jan, I knew that it would be obvious and I could not see it:sleeping:. The read out is fine as it is.

    Some of the Aerofly cockpit labels are low resolution and it can be a guess what they are, presumably a memory and performance compromise.

    Any work on the 339 will be appreciated, it is a favourite of mine.

  • I've changed a few bugs on the MB339 today, not sure when these changes will be pushed through to the public version.

    Regarding the VOR needle, I found that I messed up the course selection, so if you have TACAN selected you are currently turning the course for the VOR and when you have VOR selected you turn the course for the TACAN. That is why the needles where not affected when you turn the bug and I found and corrected that.