Binding Controls to Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog Buttons in 2D vs VR

  • I am flying the Piper Cherokee Archer Iii and IV, but I don’t think my problem is relegated to just that aircraft, nor to my HOTAS.

    1. I have searched the AEROFLY fs2 wiki, forums, avsim and reddit. I have set zoom on in 2-d,it works;in VR IT DOES NOT....nothing happens. Zoom is necessary for reading small print enunciators, and digital metrics, such as the entire radio stack.

    I’ve bound other buttons to more than several other TM HOTAS Warthog buttons. Again, they work in 2-D but NOT in VR, Any ideas?

    2. Also, there are several identical bindings called “command-ControlName” and just “ControlName”. What is the difference?

    Thanks in advance for your speedy replies!


  • apparently your supposed to lean forward.

    I see like me you wear glasses. I've basically given up on VR as I cant read many of the dials etc. The only time I use VR is for the Robinson as it gives me a way better feel for flying. I recently bought a 60" 4K TV and with my TrackIR it provides an amazing experience. Normally the 'con' for large TV's is that you have to move your head but while flying it actually enhances the feel that you are looking around the cockpit. And of course I can read all the dials!