Working with the updated AeroScenery

  • I need some help here. I want to modify some usgs level 16 scenery and I can't seem to find the correct files to edit. Do I modify the "raw", the "stitched" for what. Save them as PNG. Then do I have to tell AutoScenery that I have modified files and run again? Details are good, because I am hitting a wall here. Thanks. I am only asking for level 11, 12 and 13 for AFS2.


  • Ray,

    regarding AeroScenery editing:

    After downloading the tile,

    first increase the tile count to minimize the number of pictures to edit:

    Then run "Stitch" only

    Now highlight the tile to edit and edit your pictures after pressing "Open Folder" here

    Then select only these checkmarks and START.

    This will convert all selected levels 11-13, so you only have to edit once.

  • Thanks Tom. I was running Stitched twice so I lost my work. Now I know the proper procedure. I want to color some of the lake water and cover up some blemishes. I am still getting blank square in the usga scenery using the v1,1 Autoscenery.

  • Tom,

    That might be my problem, I thought it was automatic not aeromatic. Hey, I can find your settings for the perfect adjustment for usga scenery? I know it is online but the search engine can't find it for me. These are the slider adjustments.


  • Jetjockey10

    Changed the title of the thread from “I'm confused with editing AutoScenery files” to “I'm confused with editing AeroScenery files”.
  • Gotta watch that + and - on the Brightness. - 26 is the correct number.

    I think I need to tell the community how much I am enjoying Nick's AeroScenery now that we can get USGS scenery in the USA. Yea, I know, it is only the basic resolution but, that is a whole lot better than what Google and Bing had to offer. We can always add a small area from Google or Bing for airports and such.

    Now that Tom has taught me how to use some of the finer details to alter and clean up the scenery, life is much better. I have a lot of lakes to clean up and recolor and a few other blemishes and a stray cloud on the ground.

    Not that we don't still need a little more work to patch those blank pixels that show up way too often in the USGS scenery. It looks like a hiccup when downloading the data. Redo it and it may or may not be the same pixel that is out to lunch.

    Anyway, thank Nick for a truly wonderful product and so easy to use. Oh yea, Elevations are still to come.

    Hey Nick,

    Would it be possible to add Grid 7 to your outstanding AeroScenery program? We will have ATC capability in Aerofly FS2 very soon and I can see lots of folk wishing to add some low res basic scenery to some large areas to connect some to the major airports.

    I would like to try something like USGS Level 15 (4.77m/pix, Grid Square 7, maybe Level 9, 11, and12) for some fly-over scenery that covers a wide area but, doesn't need a whole new drive for storage.

    Whatta you think? Is this something that may be workable? I available for beta testing. 8o