Helper function for brakes problem.

  • I have the problem that I can't brake evenly with my feet and pedals, with the result that the plane lurches left and right. This is horrible and I look for a solution.

    In my opinion, the reason for the problem is that the pedals (CH Products Pro Pedal) only work with pedal position, not with pedal pressure. The feet cannot feel how strong they brake and whether both feet have the same brake pressure. I don't have any experience with real airplanes, but certainly this problem is not very important.

    You can buy pedals for flight simulator which work with brake pressure, but unfortunately they are very expensive and I can't afford it. So I ask IPACS if a simple software function could minimize the problem.

    The left pedal controls the left brake and the right pedal controls the right brake as before, but the braking force on both brakes are the same when the pedal position are slightly different only. Only when the pedal positions have a higher difference will force the brakes differently. This means that a slight misalignment of the feet does not cause the aircraft to lurch, but you can still roll tight curves with the aircraft by applying one brake only.

    I imagine as a configuration of this function a slider, which adjust the strength of this function. It's goes from off (brakes work as usual) to full (you can't apply both brakes differently).

    What do you think? Do you have this problem too?



  • I would acknowledge this, too. I own the Saitek Cessna Rudder pedals, but meet the same difficulty while taxiing as Gert.

    Kind regards, Michael

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