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  • Someone on the beta team or Karl, the developer, can address some of the general questions at our new AFS2 RC ATC here.

    Here are 24 airports that I used in flight plans to confirm the Spoken Name. There are many others, I just happened not to fly there. Some airports that you might expect to have spoken names, don't and vice versa. It was a popularity contest of sorts way back when this version was being coded. Folks got to submit their choices and someone drew a line. I heard it was 109 for the worldwide list, but, I have not been able to confirm this or find the file that contains the master list.

    Naturally, I would expect the really busy airports like San Francisco to be on the list, I just didn't fly there. But, I did find that Salt Lake City, Okla. City, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, San Diego, New Orleans, Kansas City and Houston Hobby are not on the list. hmm.

  • Responses are all verbal, no text is received.

    Ah! Good to know! So no text on screen as with ProATC? Good thing then that there is a trial. ;)

    BTW I presume the price for this addon includes the entire RC program?

  • Ah! Good to know! So no text on screen as with ProATC? Good thing then that there is a trial. ;)

    BTW I presume the price for this addon includes the entire RC program?

    The RCv4 is freeware. The purchase will include two single-user licenses for AFS2 use - a desktop / laptop - and support. Yes, the trial period should be very well received. The text, either on the screen on in a popup box, can be viewed in the pdf linked to the announcement.

  • The RCv4 is freeware.

    Thanks, didn't know that!

    The text, either on the screen on in a popup box, can be viewed in the pdf linked to the announcement.

    I am a bit confused though what exactly is shown on screen... "Responses are all verbal, no text is received" seems to say, well, no text on screen. I did see the screenshots from the announcement but I am not really sure what that is showing. I suppose that is a list of things to do and set? So while you don't get the complete and actual spoken text written out on screen you do get to see whatever you need to know to proceed? (I am sure it will become clear once the trial has been installed ;) but I'm just curious.)

  • Hi Flamingpie,

    The text displayed on the screen is the choice of responses to the controllers' instructions. The controllers' instructions are verbal only.



    Understood, thanks! So you really have to listen well in order to know what to do. Obviously this is realistic but English is not my native language and my memory isn't improving over the years so... I'd better keep a paper en pencil nearby! (I guess ProATC has spoiled me here.) I do suppose you can always 'ask again'?

  • Flamingpie,

    I have poor hearing, and only speak English, so I use the “repeat your last” often. Sometimes over and over. It is truly a direct repeat, no change of voice.

    I have found that I usually hear what I need during the confirmation reply, which uses my chosen voice.

    Even if you misunderstand something it will be corrected sooner or later if it is important to the flight. For instance, the transponder code must be correct. If not, the controller will state the proper code.

  • Do you only use the assigned buttons for acknowledging as well as requesting something? I mean you dont type in a specific altitude for example?

    And also I wanted to know if you are able to dial the frequencies on your own or does the program always do it for you?

    PI, You choose your initial cruising altitude when making your flight plan. RCv4 almost always will grant your desired altitude but, just as in the real world, there are usually some steps climbs. Most times you will receive that next higher altitude before reaching the previous, so in effect, you just keep climbing. Should do desire to fly lower or higher, you use a command for a change and then choose a specific altitude from a short list presented for you to choose. Usually you are immediately approved for your new chosen altitude, but, sometimes you are notified there will be a short delay and the reason why.

    You second question: Yes, manual dialing of the radios is actually the default. Auto freq changes is accomplished by checking a box in the configuration. We also have a CoPilot function that can change radio frequencies for you.

    One key is used for "Acknowledgments" Another key is used for "Acknowledge and Execute". You have the choice of using one key for the "Ack and Exe" or you can Ack, then with a separate key Confirm Exe.

  • Hello PI,

    Although I think Ray pretty well covered your questions, I'll just chime in that there are no restrictions within my software for assigning buttons from your controller of choice (yoke, joystick, button panel, etc.) to the "commands" otherwise sent to Radar Contact via keyboard. In fact, I've modeled the button selection screen of the configuration tool I provide after Radar Contact's keyboard assignment screen to simplify the process if you happen to be familiar with Radar Contact's means of key selection.



  • Here's the YouTube demo video posted in the other thread ... YouTube link to demo flight video - it has some "automated" sound to it but there are different voices and there are voice inflections to give it some variety. Probably better than your old version.

  • I remember having a very old version of RC, on a number of CD’s. It was robotic speak back then. Have there been improvements in the speech department?

    Hi slipstream,

    The voice interactions between pilot, copilot and controllers are made up of recorded phrases. Each of the voices contain 1798 words and phrases that make up the complete spoken dialog. Ray Proudfoot, the moderator on the Avsim Radar Contact forum led the team that recorded the phrases.

    ATC chatter, a Radar Contact optional feature, is made up of actual tower recordings and inserted based phase of fight, That is, while talking to ground, you hear ground chatter; talking to center, you hear center chatter; and so on.



  • Hi slipstream,

    Yes, there are a variety of regional accents. Radar Contact's selection algorithm seems to favor non-US accents as even though there are more US voices, European accents are selected more often. You can observe this in my demo flight video. I do like the variety myself.

    I'm looking forward to the Lynx as well.