777-300ER Incorrect Gear Physics?

  • Once again, fantastic update. Everything about the 777-300ER is fantastic - except for one thing.

    Every time I land, the landing gear seems to "Bounce" or "float" back up, instead of slamming into the ground. Especially on a smooth landing, the gear might slightly bounce up and you'll be in the air again.

    Even on firm landings, the gear seems to bounce up.

    This is what the gear should do when contacting the ground firmly:

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    Has anyone else experienced the same when landing the aircraft?

  • The landing gear on the B777-300ER is a bit special in that it locks the lower part of the gear horizontal for takeoff and switches to a damping mode for landing. This is currently not simulated correctly but to give you similar takeoff performance with the tail skid plate doing it's job properly (and not the lower belly of the fuselage taking a hit) we added a torsion spring for now. This is going to change soon.