How to drastically expand the AF20 Mobile Community

  • Unbelievable, why don't you establish your own business instead of arguing against iPacs again and again. Nobody forces you to use Aerofly.

    If you have to choose due to limited resources between marketing and the actual product development, would you choose marketing? Sometimes it works, but in the end users see that the actual product just sucks. And then complain that they want their money back.

    iPacs is a small, independent team and who knows what difficulties they face right now. And we are sitting at home having time to play and complain.


    Edit: But maybe I just misunderstand you and you are just afraid that Aerofly doesn't get the attention (and revenue) it deserves. And you worry that this might have a negative impact on future developments. Maybe it was sarcasm, who knows these days...

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  • Quiet friend .. No one is talking badly about aerofly .. On the contrary .. It seems to me the best mobile simulator .. I love it .. But I suggest some things that now that aerofly would be better received in the public .. They could improve their networks Social .. Being active on your YouTube channel, being active on Instagram, facebook ... That makes the user more related to the product ... I already suggested adding new planes and regions to fly and these have a cost. I suggested 3 to 5 dollars per plane and region ... They sell us the game for 8 dollars is a very cheap price .. And by selling the new planes and regions they will have more income .. That will make the team of developers be strengthened .. It is my humble opinion

  • It is always a question of the frequency and intensity of a contribution, whether it comes across as positive or negative.

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  • I wouldn’t say they’re losing to them. I’ll just talk mobile since this is the Mobile thread. RFS is very cheap and the product shows it. IF needs to improve very with its scenery. Again, AFS2020 isn’t doing bad at all.