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  • Brothers of aerofly could be kind to upload a video of how to make a flight plan in the new menu .. Is that I get confused .. When selecting sid and stars .. It confuses me to see ARR and app? Are not they the same. Please a video how to select the sid stars .. And a question ipacs team can I make my flight plan in simbrief and insert it from the cockpit using the MCDU?

  • Firstly set your location, choosing for good between Cold & Dark or other. Don't do it after your flight plan is made.

    Tap on your origin airport and set it as origin.

    Tap on your destination airport and set it as destination.

    Select a runway as origin.

    Select a runway as destination.

    Select a APP in destination I = IL,S L = LOC, D = DME, R = RNAV, X = ?.

    Select SID tapping DEP. Each SID is a very long way including a group of waypoints and constraints.

    Select STAR tapping ARR. Each STAR is a very long way including a group of waypoints and constraints.

    So for a short travel, I think you should not use SID and STAR, this is what I do. Instead I insert waypoints for departure, a waypoint in front of the runway, etc. I also insert many waypoints between. For the moment it is necessary to know the cruise altitude in the mind of the simulator. One of you waypoints should contain the cruise altitude. And the most important, without them, the finale altitude may not be set as a constraint in the last "waypoint" (runway).

    It works like LEGO bricks:


    With DEP & ARR (SIDs & STARs), they will add many waypoints far away from the airport. Sometimes those waypoints overlay your destination or origin. This is why it could be completely confused.

    In the MCDU:


    There are 2 alerts in the ND that have to be cleaned (TCAS and WIND SHEER).

    I fly, therefore I am

    Aeroflyer on iPad A320

    iPad Pro M1 / 11-inch / 8 Gb RAM / iPadOS 15.x up to date

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  • Yeah the ORIG is original airport. Then you pick DEP which is your SID (departure) Then scroll to DEST which is destination airport and pick a runway. Then you pick ARR which is STAR (arrival) and then APP for approach.

    Screenshot this or find the tutorial, it’s quite easy