Aerofly FS 2020 - EC135 Update Now Available

  • From the Apple Store:

    This is a major update to Aerofly FS 2020, we hope you enjoy the new features:

    - EC135 twin turboshaft helicopter

    - Real world departures (SIDs), arrivals (STARs) and approaches can be selected

    - Ability to search for airports

    - A320 and Learjet 45 engine start and shut down

    - A320 realistic altitude callout sounds and proximity warning system

    - Numerous other smaller enhancements"

    This adds the Arizona region with airports such as Phoenix Sky Harbor, Phoenix-Mesa, Tuscon, Yuma, Flagstaff, and more.

    Additionally, iOS now has the TAM, Vietnam Airlines, TAP Portugal, Aer Lingus, AirAsia, Avianca, and Citilink liveries for the A320

    Thanks for the update!

  • Yeah, pretty disappointed the scenery isn't in HD yet. The terminal structures are nice though.

    I restored purchases. They have been reloaded. Didn’t have the time to check if it helped

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  • Let's be grateful to the ipacs team ... Thousands of hours working to give us happiness ... Let's value the work done by the developers ... Let's not expect updates every two months, we have to understand that the ipacs team is small, but they are great professionals and great people ... They love aviation like us, maybe it's one or maybe two updates per year but I will be satisfied, as it really requires a lot of work to give a single function to an aircraft, now imagine fully functional aircraft, how wonderful ... But let's also bear in mind that aerofly is not an arcade game, but a real simulator ... Let's be patient, the best is yet to come ... Team ipacs will surprise us with new wonders

    Tanks team ipacs... I love aerofly 2020 the best mobil simulator of the World 😍✈️👏

  • Yup I agree with you Eduardo navarro. Like he said, ipacs team are friendly and helpful. I mostly love a flight simulator with all no 1: is (vfr sceneries). Actually if you see from other flight simulator games except geofs which doesn't give you a better vfr scenery explore or like real world sceneries because of gpu in phones all are limited. But aerofly didn't reject that. They added some more detailed maps as well as we can land helicopters in buildings so thumbs up for that.

    No 2: is (cockpits as well as airplane models)

    No other flights simulator games gives a real type of cockpit which pc simulator games like pmdg and aerosoft does except x plane that to only 737. But aerofly now has added a cold dark feature just like them and the cockpit looks like a clone of the real world a320. I as a airbus flight sim pilot say aerofly is so far the best simulator which stimulates to the real world Physics as well as aircraft models looks really nice....

    No 3: (realistic graphics) So far fs advance is concentrating for high quality type of graphics in sceneries as well as x plane also. But aerofly fs they have done it too early before them..... And I love 3d buildings as well which looks also to the aerosoft level type of structure in buildings.

    Another thing also which I love from ipacs team is that they actually do well in development. Even if we feel bored until the next update at least in next update they don't delay so much as like what infinite flight is doing currently... As well as what update really comes from aerofly is worthy than anything.... One thing I got disgusted is that android devices Don't have full support. Anyway will be switching to ios soon... Other than that as per swiss 001 said for the review of this flight simulator the same I say is that looks amazing nothing to hate about this game but one thing is that global scenery which should be implemented in another 2 years or later. I will surely purchase even if it's a subscription plan idont care how much my bank balance also goes off I'll surely pay and enjoy the amazing flight simulator for android/ios.

    Good team ipacs as well as everyone in this community is so responsive...

    All the best ipacs team

    With love from Asia


  • Ipacs team the new helicopter is wonderful .. One question .. When we will have in aerofly WIKI a detailed manual to be able to learn how to better use the wonderful and beautiful EC135

    We will probably add a tutorial for the EC135 soon. It usually takes a bit of time to write that though :)

  • As announced in our blog New EC135 helicopter now available for Steam Release, iOS and Android versions! the iOS and Android versions now have been updated!

    If you didn't read the blog, here is a brief summary of the new features:

    • EC135
    • Airport search
    • Real world departures (SIDs), arrivals (STARs) and approaches
    • Cold and dark, before engine start and ready for taxi states for most aircraft, including A320 and LJ45 cold and dark state
    • A320/A380 realistic altitude callouts and terrain warnings (GPWS)
    • Faster loading times

    The update should be available now in the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

    Please leave your feedback, questions and comments below :)