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  • Hey guys I’ve mentioned this topic a few times in other threads but I’ll make a new one just for ease of convenience. My question is this: does anyone else want weight and balance settings (or maybe just an addition to the FOB of the a320? I’m just asking this because I always thought that 7620 kilos of fuel in the a320 is not very much. Can a dev reply with why this is and maybe then explain what could be done to raise that number to maybe 10,000kgs or 15,000 that way we can fly properly with the 320 without the fear of running out of fuel because we only started with 7.6 tonnes? Or maybe in a future update introduce weight and balance once most aircraft have the ability to shut down engines so then engine failures can happen due to lack of fuel?

    I keep saying, you devs are the best, these are just my ideas for how to make this sim even more realistic. Hope they get considered🤞

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    At the moment the engines do not turn off when you run out of fuel.

    The fuel tanks of the A320 are currently about half full. 15840 kg is the maximum capacity, that would last for 6 hours and 3300 NM max. With the fuel currently on board you should be able to fly for 3 hours or roughly 1500 NM. That's like this big from KSFO:

    (see https://www.freemaptools.com/radius-around-point.htm for example)

    Should be plenty to fly from KSFO to KDEN and back in theory (in cruise, without descending and climbing at Denver)

    Should also be enough to fly from LSZH down to Madeira...

    But this may all not be simulated accurately quite yet.

    When do add weight and balance we will make sure you can set the fuel and that the trip fuel in our aircraft matches those of the real world aircraft closely.