British Columbia SW (Part 4) – Boarder East Extension *** available now ***

  • Hello together,

    After the great update from IPACS with the EC135 time to get a new flight area on Aerofly FS2!

    Vancouver area (will be part 5 of my project) is still in progress, hope to finish it till end of the year. But in the meantime British Columbia SW (part 4) – Boarder East extension will be ready soon.

    After the uploads of part 1-3 (Whistler Mountains, Bralorne and Lillooet) this will be the east-extension of my project "British Columbia South-West (CA)", covering the region of Kamloops and the towns of Salmon Arm, Vernon, Kelowna, Penticton along the beautiful lake region of Lake Okanagan. The coverage of the whole area is approx. 60'000 km2 (200 x 300 km) and also includes small part of the northern US state of Washington.

    Photo-texture based on Bing-maps © with a resolution of 2.389 meters/pixels (with AFS2-level 13) for the main area (hole area done with at least level 12, airport-areas an hot spots going up to level 14 with 1.194 m/p). Also a mesh from TomSimMuc (USGS, SRTM1) will be integrated in the package. It also includes special cultivations as powerlines, cars, boats, piers, radio- and cell-towers etc.For doing the buildings I had help from Kloot, where the OSM data are very poor (build on the base of Canadian Building Footprints © Microsoft).


    Salmon Arm




    More previews will follow soon ...



  • The landscape is very varied. Apart from the lakes, there are impressive mines, high mountains in the south-west and smaller ski resorts near the lakes.

    Airports are basically from, a little bit enhanced and partionally lights for taxiways added. I also added some non official helipad’s at the ski-resorts and mines as departing point for the EC135 and R22.

    Coming soon ...


  • I missed Parts 1 to 3 the first time around but happy to report I have them installed now and would highly recommend this impressive scenery with cultivation even communication towers with red warning lights.

    A BIG THANK YOU to ALL the team responsible for the dedication and hard work put in for the FS 2 community.

    Kindest regards to all, Michael.

    Best wishes, Michael :)

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    Changed the title of the thread from “British Columbia SW (Part 4) – Boarder East Extension *** coming soon ***” to “British Columbia SW (Part 4) – Boarder East Extension *** upload ongoing ***”.
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    Changed the title of the thread from “British Columbia SW (Part 4) – Boarder East Extension *** upload ongoing ***” to “British Columbia SW (Part 4) – Boarder East Extension *** available now ***”.
  • Upload finished - Scenery is available now on

    Two small airfields included in the scenery (north-west of BC East & south in US, State of Washington):

    Enjoy! :)


    A very big thank you and congratulations for this magnificent and gigantic achievement :love:

    Without forgetting all these hours of work and sharing it so graciously with the whole community.:)

    Once again, Many Thanks and Bravo :!::!::!::thumbup:;)

    Best wishes 😉


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  • Many thanks to all working on the BC SW region! I bought AFS 2 because of this and a few Canadian liveries not available elsewhere.

    I noticed the awesome night lighting, and am hoping this will be available for the Vancouver area too.

    Yes, I will implement the lighting for the whole Vancouver area, airports and incl. communication- resp. cell-towers at the same level too.