Aerofly 7 vs 8?

  • So, I have the starter version of Aerofly 7 on my Macs. All works fine, but of course with all the limitations of AF7.

    I'm considering upgrading to the AF 7 Ultimate version for the extra $100, which of course has me wondering if I should just go for the AF-8 for $130.

    It appears that most of the same models are available in 7 Ultimate.

    Anyone care to share motivation to go 8, or equally good reason to stay with 7?

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    Aerofly RC 8 has a new graphics engine which should run much faster and allows for virtual reality playing.

    Pretty much all models have a new and improved flight models which is more realistic for practice, there are plenty of new models and new sceneries, more contests in existing sceneries and much more vegetation and more details in the 4D sceneries. In 4D sceneries you can also change the plane on the fly and keep flying from the same location that you were before if you are in the follow camera.

    Overall the RC 8 has more to offer than the RC 7 but of course the RC 7 was already a good product. Personally I'd always go with the latest product.