Freeware Model: Oil Rig Helipad

  • 3D Model that can be placed anywhere in the world :thumbup:

    Download and Installation Instructions at…il-rig-helipad/

    If you want to place the Oil Rig somewhere else in the world, find a flat surface and make sure all LONG/LAT positions are the same in both TSC files.


    By DEFAULT this model is positioned and placed in PNW: Quatam River Freeware No real oil rigs are there and is completely fictional for my personal entertainment.


    ** APACHE and CH53E Freeware Helicopters do not work on Starting Positions.

  • Found this one on the Tube, still have to install it myself but it's looking good....Thanks!

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  • Unfortunately, I can't answer the actual question because I don't know of any other drilling and production platform at the moment.

    However, I am taking the opportunity to point out to FS4 users that Quatam River with the drilling platform is now also available for FS4:


    However, the Blackhawk is too heavy to land on the drilling rig or even the (little) ship. :P

    Tschüss, Michael (🍎🚁)


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  • Do you know if there are any other models available with more heavy equipment and machinery on the rig? I recently discovered some info on a workover rig for drilling, and I'm curious to see if there are any 3D models available for that. It would be awesome to have a more realistic oil rig experience in my simulator. Thanks again for sharing your model, and any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

    - I do have some better and more realistic Oil Rigs but they are from Payware sceneries. Unfortunately I cannot share these.

    - If you happen to have some payware models I could show you how to properly convert them for Aerofly.