• Anyone wanna say yes or no 16

    1. Sure, I'd love rain effects. (15) 94%
    2. Maybe I don't know (0) 0%

    Hello I am a beginner in Aerofly FS 2 and i would really like it if there would be very realistic rain effects on all aircraft. I understand this simulator cares about fps (one of the only ones) but why not make a toggle switch in the settings menu in graphics quality witch you can turn it off. I don't know if any IPACS Moderators will see this and maybe implement it into the simulator. Thanks

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  • And what on earth has this to do with rain effects?

    Btw. Contrary to snow, rain drops tend to hit the canopy and move along it. Hence the request for rain effect.

    Before we are talking about such advanced items it would be much more important to have working landing lights!

  • Flying in falling snow is seriously attention grabbing, not for the faint hearted.

    I really wish the Team members at some point might make some plans to bring a complete overhaul to their Graphics Engine with a brand new Environment Modelling System that can easily bring up Volumetric Clouds, Particle Effects, light Scattering... and lot more with Next-Gen Lighting model not the Static Lighting model.

    I really hope that we will get to see it at some point. but, its like " You Pulled out a Bucket of water from Ocean ". So, very very leeesssss Chances of coming in near future. But, i have faith that one day we will fly with an upgraded Engine of Aerofly :)^^

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