Request for video - Bf 109...

  • I would really like to watch a full, ( preferably from cold & dark ), flight video with the new Bf 109 that ships with AEFS 4.

    If the flight model has an option for detail / complexity, please set it to max / full.

    Particularly interested in finding out:

    - takeoff behaviour ( need for "dancing" the rudder )

    - the automatic prop pitch control and how it deals with ATA variations as well as it's operation in manual mode if this is modeled

    Should some kind soul be able to record a video I'd really be willing to pay her / him a beer in Lisbon or Barreiro ( Barreiro is the most beautiful town in Portugal just in case no one knows... and just because of that ASOBO even included it in detail for WU9 Iberia !!! 🙂)...

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  • The copilot assists you in maintaining a constant speed on the propeller unless you manually change it or if you have assistance cockpit turned off.

    With assistance on it's basically acting like a constant speed prop. In manual mode you have to manually watch the RPM and adjust it not overspeed the prop and to reduce it to reach max level airspeed.

  • AEROFLY FS 4 [Bf109 Egelsbach to Frankfurt, Germany Airport] Flight - YouTube

    In the video I can't observe any ATA variation ( reading the ATA gauge ). Also the prop pitch "clock" gauge stays put @ 12 0'clock ?

    The user kept really low power through all of the flight, flying near clean stall with flaps partially deployed and the slats were visibly out soon after takeoff.

    I couldn't observe any yaw / sideslip due to thrust / propwash. Given the marked yaw instability at low speeds inflight, I was expectng noticeable changes due to power / propwash adjustments. Since ATA can't be read I can't say for sure, but I have the sensation the engine feels a bit overrated.

    I also couldn't notice any special need to steer the aircraft during takeoff, as if the prop effects are nill or very faint and / or rudder authority even at the start of the takeoff run is enough to keep the aircraft in the rw axis without much footwork, but then again since I've read that users can enable ASSISTANCE MODE or the like, maybe the video was recorded with a "simplified" flight and controls model ( ? )

    Will wait for a better video....

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  • I hope the tame mini-bounce from a bad attitude 3 point landing is from user selected auto-assist dumbing down. The engine rpm changes look like they are from throttle alteration and not from electric propeller control adjustment. With a variable pitch prop speed change should cause a rpm change.

    Comments on the video are disabled so there is no chance to ask anything, …..a real service to the community.