Image Priorization Bug - still present

  • When using ORBX or user orthos, there is a wrong priorisation.

    The IPACS orthos of lower layers stay active, though that layer is also present in the ORBX folder as level13 -9.

    Here is an example of orbx-nl Rotterdam. Please compare the water colors.

    Observed in version and before.

    View with the EU-DLC installed:

    View with deactivated EU-DLC:

    The wrong mixing of User and IPCAS orthos produces a very inconsistant image experience.

    Cheers, Thomas

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  • AFAIK you need to have all quality levels of aerial images to fully override the default images at all distances. Aerofly doesn't load the highest quality texture at all distances because that would take up way to much graphics memory and the performance would be much worse and loading stutters would occur all the time. Instead it loads lower zoom tiles when ever possible. And when Aerofly tries to load e.g. a level 12 tile and the user made images do not exist for that zoom level then it uses the default images it has for that level.

  • Thanks Jan for your answer.

    In this case however ORBX has generated all required layer levels 13 - 9.

    So is it correct that all orbx orthos down to level 9 should be loaded with higher prio to IPACS?

    As this does not seem the case, so I think it is a bug.



    Base picture by Google Earth

    Cheers, Thomas

  • I noticed the same. Since the last update, custom textures are not always being loaded correctly while flying. I reported this earlier. I moved the custom images from the user folder to the sim main scenery folder. For Switzerland it appears that this did the trick.

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  • admin , Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    This is not the reason: as you can see from the yellow marked level 14 squares: only a very small portion of IPACS Rotterdam uses level 14. These are not in the area of my screenshot. All the rest is only 13 and most of them 12 and below.

    Please take a look on monday what the root cause is!

    As Martin says: The main scenery folder priotizes above the customer folder. That means no customer scenery can be used properly anymore.

    In fact, it should be the other way around.

    Otherwise you will see scenery tile pop ups all the time.

    Many hundred of hours work of the users will be rendered useless.

    Cheers, Thomas

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  • If this is the case I see no reason whatsoever to upgrade from my fs2 to fs4 as having spent thousands of hours making scenery probably close to 1 TB in storage and offered to the community totally free.

    There must be a solution to fix this major problem?

    Kindest regards, Michael.

    Best wishes, Michael :)

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