Every menu change loses all my nav-aid settings.

  • It is much worse than with FS2, every minor sim adjustment leaves me having to re-enter every nav aid frequency and course which rapidly becomes seriously annoying.

    …..and things that I do not want like the flight director and LNAV come on by themselves….😡

    Version (20221014)

    Using the 737, vsynch on, 2160/60, Vulkan hi q a a, medium graphics.

    Trying to not use cumulus clouds (gpu usage goes from 60% to 99%).

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  • I also noticed the frequencies getting lost, which is quite tiresome when tweaking weather variables.

    There is another strange behaviour: on setting a new aircraft position and exiting the simulator before entering the cockpit the position is lost. I sometimes set up a new flightplan and starting position for my next flight a few days off. On returning the flightplan is still there, but my position is reset.